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For business or management, the psychology of learning is to find the key to open the door to success. When you take part in the study of economics and training, it seems that you can not solve the problem of the time, let the psychology shot it imagine, a businessman if you do not understand the consumer psychology, how he went to do marketing and promotion? If a manager does not understand the psychology of the staff, how can he improve the cohesion of the team? A business person or manager if a little do not understand psychology, he will not succeed in the mall, in fact, many of the phenomena behind the hidden psychological rules.
Restaurants launched a now classic idea: they are in front of the door put a large cask of wine, color is very eye-catching decoration is also very beautiful. The streets are always drawn to the streets. However, the owner of this restaurant is called the man in the bucket hung a brand, it says: “no peek” this is more aroused the curiosity of people. Many pedestrians stopped to see what was going on in the small hole in the bucket. Look after don’t hold his belly with laughing laughing. The original bucket placed inside a beautiful woman portrait, next to the words: “I shop out of the ordinary, mellow aroma of beer and a cup of 5 yuan, please enjoy.” People admire this food shop is really different, then the beer is also a special taste of it, you have to drink a cup of. This “no Yi” cask to recruit excellent strains. According to store reports, before the wine every day there are many people stopped to watch “tou”. From this case can be seen, sometimes very common, ‘very humble approach can bring excellent sales performance.
A good business person should be a qualified psychologist. In competition and consumer rule “as a fundamental characteristic of a buyer’s market, the” rules of the game “gives consumers the natural freedom of choice, Qing guest is God, the business only general” psychological warfare “, the” invisible hand “to firmly” holding the nose of the God “go. Therefore, psychological marketing has become a marketing tool, which is a kind of marketing strategy, which is a kind of marketing, network marketing, knowledge marketing and green marketing. In the increasingly fierce competition, the market is increasingly breakdown, consumers are increasingly difficult to wait on today, the role of psychological marketing more prominent;
A Jewish publishers have a number of best-selling book, when he suffers from not sell, an idea coming out of nowhere: sent the president a, and repeatedly to solicit the views. At the president of government affairs will casually say: “be pestered beyond endurance, this book is good.” So the publisher will advertise, “the president is very fond of books for sale.” So people to panic buying will be, these books sold.
Time is not long, the publisher and sell books, so he added a repeat count, to the president. The president learned last lesson, he would want to ridicule, said: “this book is terrible.” Publishers smell. Advertising: “and suddenly have a brain wave, current president for grey matchless books for sale.” There are a lot of people out of curiosity and rush to buy. This time, it was sold out.
Third, publishers will book to give to the president, the president accepted the first two lessons, they will not answer and abandoned the book aside and publishers have big advertising:, “president not following the conclusion of the book, want to buy as soon as possible.” It was looted, the president is really dumbfounding, businessmen are big gains.
This story is about the use of celebrity marketing strategy. On the pretext of others like this famous in his own name, abound in the business world, although many people use this kind of method, but its effect is still unabated, which requires operators have carefully studied the marketing psychology.
Who is the most intelligent person in the world who is the master of psychology. In fact, you can become a master of psychology, as long as you are a good at observation, know how to think. Learning psychology, allows you to adjust their mentality, and calm in the face of the sea of ups and downs; can make your goods sell more fiery, let you Rijindoujin; can let you operate your business and make your career evergreen!

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