Several basic principles of marketing psychology

Animals may become aggressive because they see a feather of a certain color, or they can be protected by the sound of their own natural enemies. This animal stupid ridiculous mechanical response in humans also have, when a a trigger feature appears, we will unthinkingly make corresponding reaction.
The reason for this may be because we are difficult to perceive the mercy of the psychological weapon. To understand the way users think and act, marketing personnel are more likely to succeed.
1, anchoring effect
Natural scientist Conrad Lorenz found that just out of the shell of the young geese will be deeply dependent on their first sight of the creature (although generally speaking, that creature is his mother). But things are turning to the, a Lorenz unintentional in one experiment is just the first glimpse of shell of young geese. They have since followed until he grew up.
Thus, Lorenz as evidenced by the goslings are not only according to when they were first found to make a decision and decision, once formed, will adhere to in the end. The phenomenon is called “mark””. (that is the first impression)
The effect in the economy reflected obviously, behavioral economics has a word called “anchor”, roughly meaning if you encounter a commodity in life, first eyes leave the impression of price (or we first decided by a particular price to buy a certain as specific commodity prices) will thereafter on buying willingness to offer this product have a long-term effect, the price is the “anchor”.
Black pearl production from a black oyster, in the 70s of last century, even if the price low, but not what the market, after a bit with the legendary gem merchant “planning”, finally shine.
He will black pearl placed on Fifth Avenue in New York store window display, and the high price of incredible and also in some printing gorgeous high impact magazine advertising, advertising in the black pearl in masonry, rubies, and emeralds against the background, Yi Yi is unripe brightness. He also put black pearls worn on the neck of the popular New York opera actress, in Manhattan street.
So, I do not know what the value of geometry, suddenly became a rare treasure. The shrewd businessman was the first to “anchor” the black pearl and the world’s most precious stones.
Price itself is a kind of brand positioning, it is by no means rational only by the supply and demand of two independent forces to achieve balance and then jointly determined. Consumers’ willingness to buy is easily manipulated. That is to say, it is not the intention of consumers to buy the market price, but the market itself, in turn, affect the purchase intention of consumers.
2, the principle of reciprocity
In the “influence” in the book, Robert – B – Theo Dini introduced the “reciprocity” concept. For others to act, we have to return in a similar manner.
BCialdini wrote in the book, when the waiter handed the bill to the customer does not give Mint sugar, the customer will be based on the subjective level of service to the tip. And if the waiter gave a mints, tip increased 3.3%; if the two stars, tipping is an unprecedented increase about 20%.
There are many ways to use the principle of reciprocity in marketing, you do not need to give valuable things, a small gift is very good. Sports shirts, electronic books, and even simple things like a handwritten note can build a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time. Should not give other people free goods, consider the corresponding return.
“Refusing to compromise” this strategy is a very clever strategy, this strategy is actually extension of the principle of reciprocity: if the first and the second request properly, then the other will think the second requirement is you to make concessions, so feel obligated to make corresponding concessions.
For example: if you want to buy a house, the other bid is 1 million 500 thousand, your psychological price is 1 million 200 thousand, then you can not be out of 1 million 200 thousand. Basically in the negotiations, each other will be a preset space, if your first bid is 1 million 200 thousand, then the other side will think your bottom line in 1 million 300 thousand or more. This time, if it is possible to hang 1 million 200 thousand, negotiations will fail. So the right way is, first out of the 1 million, look at the other side of the reaction, and then slowly concessions.
But Robert B. Theo Dini also mentioned that “refused to retreat” strategy has a note, is your first requirements must be reasonable. Once the person feels that your first request is not true, then it will not be able to play its due role. For this case, you said you want to buy the 50 thousand house, the other party may directly go off in a huff……
3, the principle of social identity
Most marketers have been aware of this concept, and its importance is self-evident. Social identity means that people will take the views and actions of people they like and trust.
For example, in the collection of places, if we see that there is already money, we will be more likely to put money inside; if there is no money, but we are more unlikely to put money inside.
Behind this mental activity is inside money, we will tell yourself, others think this thing the money, I prefer also donate; there is no money, we will tell yourself that the things that others do not donate, unreliable estimates.
Merchants to create and hype sell false appearance, often will cause the real hot results. The production of hot spot feeling, is a common method. In addition, through the sale of publicity, increase the fire hand over oil effect, such as the commonly used in advertising cumulative sales XXXX, a drink around the earth XX circle, N consecutive annual sales of the first, and so on.
Even in the absence of specific data or digital, you can also through the advertisement picture has hundreds of thousands of people in a scene, and are using or sought after a certain brand of products to suggest products popularity, Wong Lo Kat, Coca Cola advertisement of a lot of brands have long used the implied practices.
The influence of the “herding”, not just field and contact with the advertisement of that a moment, this kind of experience or impression in the queue is our memory storage, after in the production of similar products, we often can be once again chosen to use a brand of herding skills.
4, bait effect
In the price model of this effect, one of the price to attract people to choose the most expensive price. Dan Ereli has made a famous TED speech: “we control our own decision?”, in which there is a “economist” magazine subscription advertising case:
Electronic subscription: $59.
Paper subscription: $125.
Electronic and paper subscription: $125.
The price of a subscription to electronic and paper magazines is the same as the price of a subscription to the magazine. Why would they offer such a choice? That’s exactly what Ereli was thinking about. He contacted the economist, but not directly from them. So he decided to experiment and find out the answer. He gave 100 MIT students the above price list, asking them to buy the option. When the three option is in, the student selects a mixed subscription; when the 125 dollar print subscription option is removed, the student chooses the cheapest option.
This means that the middle option is not all valid, it provides a reference to the students, they through the comparison will find a hybrid subscription is very cost-effective, so as to stimulate them to spend more money to subscribe to the magazine.
For the price, the relative percentage of the absolute amount is more likely to generate the temptation of action. This is our consumer behavior in the common theory of relativity, with the relative factors to make decisions is our natural way of thinking.
5, the scarcity of principles
BCialdini proposed the concept of the scarcity of principles: the chance, the less content or product, the greater the value.
The less opportunity, the higher the value. The idea of losing something is important in people’s decision making process. Even the idea that the fear of losing something is greater than the incentive for people to get something.
Shortage theory in the commercial application of more, for example, to tell the customer a limited number of goods, can not guarantee the goods have been. It is worth noting that, “time” is also a resource, so the deadline, buy, spike and so on sales, the same can stimulate the desire to buy customers.
The same principle can also explain the study circles that great teaching said: “Deadline is the first productivity.”
Why is the shortage of the principle will have such an effect? There are two reasons:
Human habits to get the degree of difficulty of the thing to determine its precious, something more difficult to obtain, its value often also may higher. Therefore, the shortage will stimulate us to strive for.
When some original with extreme ease things become more difficult, we lose part of the freedom of choice. People have a desire to maintain vested interests, so this is not the possibility of freedom so that we have a strong resistance to the psychological, so as to take the initiative to make certain actions to avoid loss of this thing.
8, the principle of binding loss
Why do you often see a lot of businesses will say, buy 3999 yuan computer, send headphones, send high-end mouse pad, send free 1 years home repair, rather than the headset, home repair and other prices are wrapped in 3999 yuan inside? Also spent 3999 to buy a pile of products and services, why should some part of the said to be “free”?
This is because people’s perception of loss and gain is not linear, assuming you get $100 to get some kind of happiness, and want to get a double happiness may need 400 yuan, rather than 200 yuan. Similarly, the loss of 100 yuan by some kind of pain, it may be a loss of 400 yuan in order to feel the pain of double.
So, if you put all the cost together, give the user a total price, so that users spend a 3999, rather than feeling a number of expenses (3000 for the computer spending, spending 200 for the headset, 200 for maintenance expenditures…… ), the user feels that the money is not so painful.
So many businesses will say “buy 3000 yuan computer, shipping, instead of saying” a total of 3000 yuan, including computer you spend 2995, postage 5 yuan. ”
This is why China Mobile tends to use the monthly package allows users to spend a large sum of money, rather than every time the phone message traffic to be re paid. Which is why gym has always insisted on annual membership fee rather than in accordance with the number of charges, users feel membership fee every time than spend 50 yuan more favorable, but in fact they overestimate the degree of their own future use.
Similarly, if the benefits of decentralization, the user perceived benefits will increase.
So businesses will not say, “you have to sell a large package, including computer mouse,” but said, “buy a computer, send the mouse headset, to send high-end mouse pad and maintenance”. As Taylor, in the journal marketing science, said: “don’t put a Christmas present in a box”.
In short, in order to make you feel that you have been preferential, businesses will do everything possible to tie up the loss, while dispersing benefits.

Only to find a successful way

Only to find a successful way

Alisi·meilite is the United States of a hurdler. That year, and his bet, let him across the field with a relatively high barrier. Although Merritt had never practiced the hurdles, but aggressive by nature he was unwilling to bow before the class, so he riveting enough, leaped, not very difficult jumps in the past. Merritt never dreamed about, his Sprint less ideal, Forte and they hurdle.

After the betting event, decisively abandon Sprint Merritt, switched to hurdling. Of course, the hurdle is not as simple and easy as Merritt thought, just start training, he fell for somersault, as well as the training progressed, he gradually finds himself has an Achilles ‘ heel, it is running fast enough. So far as the short distance hurdles time is winning, even if it is 0.1 seconds, it probably is the key to success or failure. Merritt knew that to be an excellent Hurdler, must find an effective way to overcome this deficiency. However, Merritt made many attempts, but slower than other players to the half.

That night, tossing Merritt, hard to sleep. However, he soon figured out one thing, since they cannot break on the start, then why waste it in this regard? The 110-meter hurdles was not only a bar, but there are 10 bar, that is, as long as his first bar, seeks to secure, and then speed up in the back, also have no chance of winning. After repeated practice, Merritt and sure enough advantage to defect, he is gathering strength in the previous bar, and in the few bars after violent outbreaks, at top speed the opponent behind.

In 2004, 18 years old represented the University of Tennessee in the Merritt in Italy Grosseto at the FIFA World Youth Championship in track and field, he was like a galloping horse, no doubt won the 110-meter hurdles champion. It was Merritt first received such a high honor, he could not help confidence, in the 110-meter hurdles out of a new world. However, in 2006, Merritt has suffered a Waterloo because he in Switzerland Lausanne meet flying, on that occasion, even though he ran out of the 13 12 seconds of good results, but Liu’s 12 88 seconds, he is still fail and return. Although Merritt dare not imagine that anybody in the world can run such a fast speed, but the fact that he had to believe my eyes. At that moment, Merritt knew “behind, some people outside” themselves with the top hurdlers than there is at a distance. Merritt felt some frustration, he can’t help but ask yourself, do I can exceed Liu Xiang? A voice inside said, Liu Xiang is like a mountain, you can not be more than his, second is good you can do in this life, and another voice says, no, I can’t hold back, now that he can break the world record, then I can do the same.

In order to further improve themselves, Merritt stepped up his training and hard to look beyond their own way, through years of exploration and practice, Merritt on the decision to make seven-step bar on the eight-step bars because bars on the seven steps can greatly increase aggressiveness and speed, with absolute advantage over each other. After three months of hard training, Merritt was finally mastered the seven-step bar Essentials section and make up on his hurdling performance by leaps and bounds.

In March 2012, Merritt flying again met, this time, he is 44, with 7 seconds to beat Liu Xiang has made Turkey World Championships men’s 60-meter indoor hurdles champion. Even more shocking is that Merritt jiyaqunxiong at the London Olympic Games a few months later, succeeded in climbing the Olympic champion’s throne, realized his dream for many years.

Li Ka-shing has a classic saying: no excuses for failure, only to find a successful way. Merritt experience tells us that there are things not impossible, but we did not find the key opens the door to success, as more than 100 years ago, Thomas Edison invented the electric light, as at that time no one dared to believe it will come true.

Success is forced out!

Success is forced out!

Success is forced out! Sometimes, we might as well be a hero, don’t succeed, first roared a voice. More at low ebb, we have to say to yourself! Many successful people are blowing on some leather to bring it on. It is strange, “leather” blow blowing, actually became a reality.

In the eyes of friends and relatives, steel magnate Carnegie is a fast talker. When he was 15 years old, he said, “when I grow up, to form a company that made a lot of money to buy her parents a beautiful carriage. “People were living in slums with him thought he was crazy.

20 year old Carnegie said: “I want to earn enough money for a big house for my family. “At that time with him on the roadside to sell things that people think he’s crazy.

30 year old Carnegie said: “I want to be a Savior, so that all the poor can have bread to eat. “At one time more than 10 colleagues in an Office watching he thought he was crazy.

But this is a crazy person tell their own life dreams, these seemingly unreachable goal has inspired his efforts, finally he became the richest man in the world, become a respected philanthropist!

In life, I always heard people around complaining: “I look good … … I don’t have rich parents … … I don’t have enough luck … … So, I will not be successful. “These people are in decline, as he himself said, he became less and less successful.

Instead, I have seen a lot of people, they say to themselves and to others: “I want to succeed, I want glamour, I want to shine, I want to be like the sun shines for the benefit of sentient beings. “In the end, they were really successful, they changed my life, changed the fate of the people around, then change the fate of many more people. Think carefully, your primary and junior high school students in, always a few boastful person? They eventually all blend very well?
Psychologists have a verbal suggestion. Speaking from the role, words implied a distinction between negative and positive hints suggested that. As a child before going to bed, the mother take care of him: “play of the day, watch out for wet. “Sure enough was said by his mother. It belongs to negative words implied.

Personally feels well of cover, for fear of falling. Later psychological mentor him in closer to the manhole cover with “man, how can you fear a mere cover” words of encouragement myself, then let him speak ten times in cover, jump 10 times, result the tension disappears. This is the positive self-talk.

Words, ideas, ideas which energy strongly conveyed the information to the brain, and brain wave is the frequency, it will attract with it something of the same frequency of vibration, which in psychology is called the law of attraction. Brain is the most powerful “magnet”, will spread out stronger suction than anything, it will attract things in your brain, your life will become your most often imagine it. The so-called “seizes” principle is this.

Life is in our mouth, when in the low life when we don’t keep complaining, rather than boldly express your dreams, think about his future, only unexpected, no less, thought, action, and dreams into a reality.