Back to eliminate customer psychology

Back to eliminate customer psychology

Many sales professionals to question whether: why whenever signing customers hesitant? It’s actually very simple, because the customer in mind before making any major decisions, risks must be carefully considered. These risks include: product quality is not satisfactory; price is higher than that of other similar products using less effective than advocacy as well as expected; to purchase is not satisfied with the results, but there could be no compensation.

Famous psychologist Maslow felt that sense of security is required to protect its own security needs of human beings, is second only to the physical needs of human basic needs that must be met. Based on inertia, familiar things tend to our psychological sense, while purchases are meant to break our old familiar sense of balance, it introduced a new things in life, and also introduced a certain amount of risk and concern. Especially in today’s market a mixed bag, fake and shoddy products. So in many cases, customers are afraid to be deceived, security became the first customer to purchase needs.

Salespeople to achieve a successful negotiation, be sure to understand the psychology of customers seeking security, by virtue of trust has been established in the minds of customers, address customer concerns in a timely manner by various means. If salespeople eager, but easy to make customers feel that they are not worried, so before you are likely to make efforts to fall short.

1. External image will give customers a sense
Salesman when negotiating with customers to personal grooming, set up the good image, such as hair, beard, clothes, shoes and so on to keep clean, and leave a good impression to customers. You know, personal appearance is the most direct and effective means to win customer trust, it can bring us unexpected results.

2. By virtue of a professional, the ability to make the customer feel relieved
In order to keep customers safe, we need to strengthen their operational capacities, make them more professional. Professional quality assurance, learn about products, deep, more thoroughly understanding of the industry, our credibility and higher capacity, customers can rest assured to purchase products from us. As a salesman, if their products are not very understanding, cannot clearly resolve the customer’s issue, how could customers are satisfied with us, rest assured that it? So, to make customers feel safe, it is necessary to ensure that customers do not doubt our ability.

3. Frankly inform the customer that there might be the risk of
Salespeople sometimes worry too detailed product description offering customer buying enthusiasm, so it’s always dodgy, hope customers don’t pay attention to problems in the product. In fact, this approach is very stupid, unless we are to make a run. Some products do exist some risks, so we must tell clients about these risks, to ensure customer safety, making customers feel: “so you were concerned about my safety, instead of just thinking about my money. “Frankly inform the customer about the product, is not only the advantages but also the problems that may arise, and to draw the customer’s attention, that’s really clever marketing methods.

4. Give customers the financial security
Give customers a certain degree of economic security, learned to help plan out the dealers, to help them find markets, expand market access. Do more laborious, but ensuring the economic security of customers, avoiding worries about the possible loss of customers, the customers and achieve a win-win situation.

5. Customer Assurance
Strong warranty is the customer’s insurance, it helps our customers to easily sign the Bill. Salespeople can provide a credible undertaking or guarantee, which transfers the risk of customers so that they don’t have to worry about product problems have no solutions.

Customers are afraid to be deceived by this, salespeople to understand, not just to stress how good their products are, but to come up with concrete proof of quality, customer confidence.

Do others think business

Do others think business
Line to the North, to facilitate the busy. Choose more important than the opportunities!
Investment is one of the most common and the most direct way of entrepreneurship, bustle of the same group of peers, everywhere, to the market, give the SAC little face profit, Dragon’s essence of Zen into account total stretched face risk, good governance can do. Investment requirements for innovation never like this, there is an urgent and critical!
However, the “profit” filled every corner of the market. “Homogenization” crammed with space projects, become an obstacle to your investment earnings, Tripwire, investment requirements for select, not like this, it is important and critical. The slightest mistake, “” sales “prices” and “shop transfer” from is a forgiving end. Those owners who looked up and not bow to see all sigh: difficult business now!
Sway to the sea, still in the market. What kind of business to make money?
Creative businesses, and imagination to create your profit margin
Project results: the elevator is a very boring thing, three years ago, only one person took the lead in putting the TV in the elevator advertising with 1 million Yuan to create a 1 billion advertising market; three years later, the company could fetch $ 2.57 billion, who walked as much as during the gold, the number of millionaires. Interpretation of “boredom can wealth, mode s new rich” legend, is the focus of the international media.
Idea: create new mode in new economy
Dang number to billion meter of people daily helpless of keep with Internet online download Shi, Earth people are know offline download difficult, in China who first innovation digital products of subsequent service new method and new mode, who on can led following “SMS convenient economic” zhihou of new a round “Download convenient economic” investment boom, 500 million MP3, and MP4, and phone user, this is a special of market gap, big of opportunities blowing and to.
Look at the newspaper stall, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, railway stations, airports, schools, dining, theater, attractions … Ubiquitous mobile broadcast multimedia, mobile downloads and carrots, how convenient is the more convenient! This is the mobile network the mobile download market photo.
Idea two: creating wealth begins with big ideas
Innovation version mobile broadcast network, created advertising media seamless of, and classification of, and precision of, and save of, and vivid of era, mobile broadcast advertising based on sales commodity itself traits and target consumption groups of associated sex, in appropriate of locations, appropriate of time, to appropriate of by all, passed appropriate of advertising, Maverick of advertising mode once launched makes fit, and deal or no deal of advertising owners unable to, shake media variable Council, led advertising upgrade, “advertising” and “life” a machine phase thaw, outstanding effect off ying and to , Unusually good market performance.

Do other people think, look down on business
Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, Xie Xiaoqiu, although try to sell beer, wholesale stationery and other business, but he really started to make money is from the beginning of operating a small business.
Xie Xiaoqiu: “it was like this big stick, before four years ago and five years ago, this sticker, we charge 20 Yuan a set. ”
In May 2001, Xie Xiaoqiu bought four making purikura machines, customers can choose the background scene photos, photo stickers on the back, can be pasted at random, was welcomed by young people.
Reporter: “How is he? ”
The residents: “the business very well, when business is good. ”
Press Conference: “to what extent? ”
The residents: “the General had to stand in line as the head post. ”
Business may be small, but only because it is a small town, Xie Xiaoqiu turnover reached thousands of Yuan per day, 3 years to accumulate hundreds of thousands of Yuan.
Xie Xiaoqiu: “because it’s nothing technical content, is that you have the money, buy a machine, you can directly operate business, so copy, follow the trend of so many people, and now you see, the boss is here, it’s not expensive, he is 6 Yuan each, we are now there is 6 Yuan following two sets. ”
Because price increasingly low, January 2004, Xie Xiaoqiu simply gave up has profit has very meager of head post, began from online looking for new of project, then he was a color bright of relief-like of pictures attract live has, due to this painting is by color mud for into of, so was called color mud painting and called spent mud painting, so Xie Xiaoqiu to Changsha, and Guangzhou of several spent mud gallery visit learning zhihou, March 2004, will shop again decoration, began business up has spent mud painting.
Xie Xiaoqiu: “in the past, the most original thing to do, is to use one of you like the pattern, and then on the piece of plywood, use carbon paper to expand it. ”
Reporter: “so where are your pictures here are from here. ”
Xie Xiaoqiu: “this is a very simple, online can be. ”
Xie Xiaoqiu provide toilet paper made of white clay and glue as the main raw material for customers after he joined the poster paint color, then add to expand the good on the screen.
Xie Xiaoqiu: “you should pay attention to, next to thin the Middle highlight does not matter, is the same thickness no icing. ”
News spread quickly in the small town a few days later was known to take dozens of Yuan, Xie Xiaoqiu shop making a floral painting, and brought his work home, although this is a small business, but the visit every day also has dozens of customers.
Friend Xie Xiaoqiu: “mud paintings, many children, like the fresh thing, were children themselves to do, and then our friends used to joke that he earned money from children. ”
After the store operation to 12 o’clock at night every day, 27 years after business head, Xie Xiaoqiu, tasting the taste of success once again, as he was immersed in the joy, a fight against sudden, in May 2004, has always loved Xie Xiaoqiu’s grandfather died, it turns out, Xie Xiaoqiu’s mother died 1998, busy at work after the father remarried, Grandpa is Xie Xiaoqiu emotional pillars,
Pingshi Town residents: “had often helped his grandfather, walk, walking, buying food, chatting with him, his grandfather is quite good. ”
Xie Xiaoqiu felt unprecedented sorrow at the death of the grandfather.
Xie Xiaoqiu’s friend, “is to get a drink in the evening, will think of his grandfather cry. ”
In June 2004, immersed in grief careless operation of Xie Xiaoqiu, received a call from a distance, the telephone is the girl Li Yuan, Inner Mongolia’s, and Li Yuan to Guangdong Tourism two months ago, in flower arranging art dealer met Xie Xiaoqiu.
Partner Li Xie Xiaoqiu: “found a place to do flower arranging painting, and then I went and saw its color matching, and method of making it feel particularly attracted me. ”
Had long wanted to start your own business Li is interested in flower arranging painting is because in Inner Mongolia have never seen, she made a call to their colleagues
Li former colleagues: “when Li called back, we let me look Hohhot did not do this DIY water color painting, flower arranging painting, and then I turned around Hohhot, no. ”
Listening to has this a message, excited among of Li immediately spent has 1000 Yuan from Xie Xiaoqiu there learned has spent mud painting technology, back has Hohhot on open has a DIY spent mud painting shop, in Hohhot although this is alone this a of business, but opened yilai almost out, thought Xie Xiaoqiu shop in of fire scenes, Li often to he call ask, phone exchange in the Xie Xiaoqiu think Li of business way exists many problem, so Li wants to invited Xie Xiaoqiu to Hohhot help out points idea.
Xie Xiaoqiu: “she is warmly invited me over, and I just think, go over there, but also to turn around, it’s nice, too, and then I did, the main thing was that trip. ”
Originally just wanted to relax after Xie Xiaoqiu to Hohhot, were pleasantly surprised to find Li Yuan store market potential.
Xie Xiaoqiu: “such a large market, this is the only home the flower arranging art dealer, because it is a capital city, the capital city, it is certainly very much in demand. ”
At this point for fear that businesses cannot be on my own for Li Yuan made cooperation with Xie Xiaoqiu, condition is the investment in half and both sides share, Xie Xiaoqiu feel than the capital city of Hohhot, a greater development in the town and decided to stay, however, when Li Yuan’s father did not agree, and two men got into an argument.
Li’s father: “he had to, after, I said I’m a we don’t know much about each other. ”
Li: “as he is, he is a very kind and very helpful for the kind of person, I have confidence in him. ”
Li’s father: “what interests, stakes, split, and a whole lot of trouble. ”
Li: “is it very clear in our accounts, every day there are several Board, there are several, all accounts, is our daily sales of this diary is very clear, so I think there will not be any problem. ”
Through months of interaction, Li felt that he hadn’t seen the wrong person.
Xie Xiaoqiu: “as for my character, I don’t want to always stay in one place, and I feel like people have to face different challenges, its life will be more interesting. ”
Xie Xiaoqiu finally left in Inner Mongolia, home of the store to sublet are out now, Xie Xiaoqiu first thing to do is to change the method of Li Yuan the previous operating
Xie Xiaoqiu: anybody passing by handing out leaflets, or in the store, this business model is not very well, because you are a customer, you should take the initiative to look for customers. ”
Both men to a nearby elementary school houses past his flower arranging painting, the reception teachers are very interested in flower arranging painting, but will reject them whenever he talks about cooperation, and finally a teacher tell the story
Elementary school teachers: “people will misunderstand me here, isn’t it a lot more, making money, I this is, really, I generally do this I don’t want to misunderstand, that’s it, I teach is taught, that’s it. ”
Heard that classes are mostly from local schools Board of education unified arrangements, while Xie Xiaoqiu while trying to contact the Board, looking for other opportunities, one day Li really have a customer in the store.
Li: “then she says, well, this floral painted very well, I was a drawing teacher, and I, as you upstairs, and then I taught several classes of large, medium and small student. ”
When going out to look for customers when Xie Xiaoqiu wearily went back to the store again, Li lived an artist can’t wait upstairs told him the news
Xie Xiaoqiu: “I said, why didn’t you tell me earlier, I took her to run, and then go and find the teachers to meet, to talk with her. ”

Artists Yi Lida: because in our Studio, more sculpture, small clay sculptures, and do some doll or something, what clothes, the younger children, but their parents may want their children to access to more things, more things to update things. ”
In fact Yi Lida also has been looking for handmade items for the kids to do, although Yi Lida region even national champion of painting, but children are this easy to learn flower arranging painting is very interesting.
Child: “loved it. ”
See children are like spent mud painting, Yi Lida decided official to parents recommended this project, from that yihou Yi Lida of students often visited shop, some also brings has himself of children, daily shop in will reception dozens of bit specifically to painting of small customer, business more stable zhihou Xie Xiaoqiu began grew up customer of works in the among selected out work fine of, earnest to in shop in opened has a works show district.
Parents: “he felt that painting was set here, is not easy, because it is elected, so to speak, children with a sense of accomplishment, he was particularly proud, really are happy than score 100. ”
Names on their works, on display in the shop, which satisfy a child’s self-esteem, small customers are often leading parents and their friends to “visit”, and well done, but after some time, Xie Xiaoqiu found below the age of six or seven children was getting less. So special to find parents to understand the situation. Just found out the reason.
Li: “extension when this pattern is focused on him, his well, and then, his poor, his color when there is no feeling that seems to be very good. ”
MOM: “kids don’t draw very well, for example, children begin watching well, easy is not painted in the middle. ”
Smaller children in the first step the age extension when the painting is bad it’s easy to lose interest. So, Li and Xie Xiaoqiu tailored a number of framed canvas, painting pictures on the artboard, small customers as long as according to the color on the screen all the mud-loving it. 3 or 4 small customers can also paint in the shop.
Some parents, and even children leave to shop all day over the weekend, half a year, this seemingly small business has brought more than 100,000 yuan for buying income. In December 2004, the store had an unexpected visitor.
Xu Hua, General Manager of a trading company in Beijing: “flower arranging painting, and now other people have done, but as he did so well, so popular to do business, have really not seen. ”
Xu Hua in Beijing has been operating manual DIY projects, although it has 7, 8 products on hand, but no matter where work will be noted by looking for some new projects.
Xu Hua, General Manager of a trading company in Beijing: I said if the floral paintings to our company, and we put our handmade soaps, handmade candles and I got him inside the shop is good for everyone. ”
Xie Xiaoqiu: because I have experience as a sticker, money it must be that the first contact to the industry, to earn more, to the back, competition is growing, profits must be thin, that’s for sure, I didn’t stop looking for some new stuff. ”
Xu Hua and Xie Xiaoqiu with each other, then two people exchanging floral paintings and handmade soap making techniques, in March 2005, Xie Xiaoqiu received an invitation from Xu Hua, wanted him to Beijing, Xu Hua’s Assistant,
Xie Xiaoqiu: because of my personality, too, I think there is an opportunity not to miss, then I believe that, through our cooperation, we can not only do business in Hohhot is, or in my home like this, may I face the customer base is nationwide. ”

Market is vast, there many not be reclamation of virgin land. In order to capture business opportunities, good research consumer needs and competitors ‘ weaknesses, focusing on those vulnerable to being ignored, no one engaged in the industry, “no” to work hard.

A, dare to think by what other people think
In the market competition in a crowded forest, if conservative, always reinventing and always dry out big business. Operators to set up innovation consciousness, freed from thinking, novelty, difference, change, do those people think business.
Carpets are one of the most common household items of Arab States, devoutly Muslim family or travel, are scheduled daily prayers. Belgium has a carpet owner, found that when Muslims pray, be sure to look to the Holy City of Mecca. The boss had an idea, embed the carpet compass, compass not due South North, but pointing to Mecca. No matter where we go, just put a carpet on the floor, you can find the direction of Mecca. The new carpet on the market, became a Muslim in demand.
Second, to dare to do things that other people are afraid to do
This sort of thing has its dual nature-is risky, fix may break the two competitors, the market potential is big, once exclusive market results achieved a monopoly position. Risk and opportunity, dare to take risks in order to control the market.
United States early in the Bell telephone company found germanium semiconductor capabilities, can replace vacuum tubes, and soon developed the world’s first transistor radio. But Americans think that transistors costs are too high, low yield, and can only be used for the military. People think transistor sound quality is not too good in Western Europe, high prices, most people do not have. So they are not focused on overcoming technical and technological issues related to transistor. The Europeans did not dare to do things, Japanese dare to take risks, Sony introduced the technology, and quickly resolve issues related to technology and process, product seized world markets. The technology is good for Sony.

Third, do things others do
Operator idea aiming to disdain from others to do things, you can avoid the strong competitive pressure. Commodities also have large market, from small, drilling, one can break the rich success.
In the early 1980 of the 20th century, eased restrictions on household electrical appliances imported in China, many foreign TV manufacturers want to seize the opportunity to break into the Chinese market, but European manufacturers to Hong Kong high consumer as the object did not attach importance to low income sectors accounted for the majority of the mainland market, mainland Chinese TV market is too small, does not have any prospects. Japan TV manufacturers, on the other hand, they think that even though Chinese incomes low, but has the habit of thrift and long-term savings, already has some purchasing power, there is a market with great potential. Thus, Japan vendors seize this good opportunity, a strong marketing campaign in China, soon occupied the Chinese market.
Four things, to do what others won’t do
The saying goes: “one-trick, all day. “Do what others won’t do business, do not develop others products, special technology and high precision and advanced technologies work on fresh win, is also a way to success.
When shaving, if you don’t watch out, cut flesh. For this long-term problem afflicting the razor industry, United States Gillette Company willing to invest 200 million dollars in research on induction technology used in the razor, shaving blade with the faces of people when the curve changes, automatic angle adjustment, up close, smooth and safe shave effect. This unique innovation, makes the company’s products are sold throughout the world, winning high profits.

Unexpected marketing wisdom: encyclopedia of marketing stories 3
Send peanut ice water

During the first world war, United States with a millionaire named Harry, he is a business strategist.

At the age of 15, he was in a circus as a child, the main job was selling lemon ice water. To this end, Harry was playing a little clever.

Puzzling is that in a circus before the start, he was standing in the doorway yelled: “come, come, to eat peanuts, each presented a large package of circus, not money. “Hear the shouts, the audience was attracted in the past. Pleased to take away free peanuts, entered the theatre the circus.

When Harry fry the peanuts, specifically add some salt, not only tastes better, and eat more dry. At that moment, Harry appeared.

He was carrying fresh lemon ice water get sold, nearly all took the audience to buy his free peanuts lemon ice water.

Comments: this is the “bread” of marketing tips. Peanuts is stimulate demand in ice water “shot”.

Real estate King weekend

World real estate magnate Joseph Government delegate, New Jersey opened in 1989 at the end of the auction house.

The House was originally built for shipyard workers to live in war. The auction however real moved to the workers in time of war only three, and the rest has changed.

In spite of this, the “owners” are still “life I moved to live by the former Government, now take me away” grounds, shouting, make every effort to oppose. With them were suspicious, and decided to bleed, and refuses to move.

However, the real estate King to his own cleverness.

Joseph decision than to announce in advance the time one hour in advance of the auction the auction began.

Because he knew that they must be announced in advance of the auction, ready to give vent to their feelings, not envisaged in the earlier auctions will make them, their angry edge will be greatly undermined.

While Joseph passed a significant amount of research, know a household would pay to buy a House, and the household is hoping money will buy it.

The auction time, Joseph intentionally selected those houses make a deal, the houses have a deal soon, the heads of it got on campus.

Other residents see the houses sold, will appreciate that the Government is not to take them off. “Owner” see House of hope, a cavity anger all about already, is only considering how much it costs to buy a House that was paid off.

Joseph “colonizing” counsel has calmed people’s anger, he yelled to the crowd shouted: “now let us curse the bastards we were expelled from their homes! ”

All “homeowners” cursed loudly at once. Called finished, everyone cheered.

In this way, auction houses process very smooth harmony.

Comment: blame others for mistakes, other than will make each other angry, difficult to achieve their objectives. Estate King not foolhardy, but had taken “the opportunity to become masters” policy has achieved good results.
Chewing gum sales work

Chewing gum is a masterpiece of American forces, it was bad luck and now, few people buy.

Later, he found in the trial, in a limited number of customers, most of them are children, so he decided to sell gum to children as “breakthrough”!

According to the addresses published in the phone book, to free four pieces of chewing gum to every family. He sent 1.5 million households, a total of 6 million pieces of chewing gum.

Children eating Lili giving chewing gum, all clamoring to eat, parents, of course, only buy.

From then on, the gum market opens up.

Wise Lili have come up with something new: recycled chewing gum papers. Customers return a certain number of wrappers will be able to get a gum.

Adults and children a piece of Chew and soon became a gum-chewing popular goods sold throughout the world.

Comments: children’s and women’s business is best done, Lili’s gum shows once again that truth.

Star promotions

Japan Toyo has troubled companies as a precursor inventory too much and decided to sell it in a special way.

There was the news that United States movie star Taylor will travel to Japan, Japanese companies jumped at the opportunity. They learned that Taylor has starred in “Black Lightning” movie, so the audience’s impression of his judgment to black. Company, decided to create his snow suit and prepared when Taylor went to Japan and gave him to wear.

Taylor Japan Shi, Japan company “Taylor”, “Taylor wearing snow clothes” as the title, and newspaper ads.

In this way, the first year, Japanese companies sold seven thousand or eight thousand snow suit, has sold more than 40,000 pieces for the second year, snow pants and sold more than 10,000.

In the summer of the following year, Toyo swimwear marketing scheme was introduced to the then popular color—green, blue, red, Brown, lilac 5 colors together, known as “standing staring at” swimsuits, vibration results the swimwear market attractive, than 50% sales for more than a year.

Comment: take a celebrity to promote the key, is to try to make celebrities of quality consistent with the company’s products. This is a basic principle of foreign brand-name product endorser.
Soldier is the best “pitchman”

Bay even though the war had ended, but United States business Gulf war advertising fresh memories of war to the battlefield, still makes those who survived the United States fresh.

Every morning, the soldiers will be waiting for the horizon rising dust. Columns will give them to the truck needed supplies: Coke and Pepsi.

Haven’t stopped the truck, United States soldiers queued up in long lines.

They saw the ad in the ice cold Coca Cola: “the irresistible temptation! ”

This is not plugged into a TV ad, but Saudi Arabia daily reality in the desert.

Coca-Cola spokesman, referring to United States domestic supplies to desert free of Coca-Cola’s action, said: “helping out people, get a life long friend. It’s no doubt good for every business. ”

Before the Gulf war, thousands of United States companies found that “Desert Shield” is a good opportunity for product promotion.

Victor sporting goods company to provide 100 troops to the desert golf club and 1000 golf clubs.

Have oil in order not to let the soldiers wore no shoes to fight, a company donated a box-a box of shoe Polish.

In addition, the company also donated 10,000 to the soldiers Pack, 1000 flying saucers and 20,000 boxes of alcohol-free beer and 100,000 pairs of sunglasses.

In the Gulf war a few weeks, anyone who appears on television than in the number of United States soldiers.

United States television day and night coverage of “our boys in the Gulf”, worldwide television news played all day in the Gulf war. People see the United States soldiers took Coke, small canned brand, Marlboro cigarettes and Sony radio.

During that time the soldiers became the best in the world “advertisements.”

Comment: do war ad funded, has been shown to each participating company is worth it. In the eyes of many is the unthinkable things, United States marketing experts think is a golden advertising opportunity.
Male stars put on Women series

In the 1970 of the 20th century, the production of “beautiful thinking” women’s opaque tights, a United States company, launched a sensational advertising.

Pictures are a pair of sleek, long tube female pantyhose legs. At this time, there was a touching, female voice-over: “we’re going to all of the United States women to prove, ‘ beautiful thinking ‘ stockings can make any shape legs become very beautiful. ”

Lens moved up slowly, audience imagine a model must be a beautiful girl or any glamorous female stars.

Last viewers know, the men wearing women’s stockings turned out to be a Qiao·lamishi—famous baseball star!

He smiled to the crowd and opened his mouth surprised the audience said, “I don’t wear long women’s stockings, but I thought, ‘ beautiful thinking ‘ female stockings make my legs became so great, I believe it can make your legs more beautiful. ”

The advertisement is broadcast, “beautiful thinking” female stockings household names overnight, followed by sudden increase in sales.

Comment: suspense and unexpected results, make carved an indelible impression in the minds of consumers.
Based on customers ‘ wishes

1998 Spring Festival Eve, Carrefour in Tianjin register packed. Near noon, customers began to eat the stuff in the store, then a lot of people to follow.

Carrefour has not called security, nor does it, but Carrefour customer experience out of the ordinary.

Carrefour has put an advertisement in a local newspaper “to buy a bottle of Pepsi-Cola (5), free bottle of tianfu Cola (RMB 2)” of advertising. Due to errors, display ads as “buy a bottle of Pepsi, get one free bottle of tianfu Cola (2)”.

Customers consider two bottles of Coke should be 2 Yuan, and the cashier insisted on a 5 Yuan, aroused strong discontent among customers.

At this time, Carrefour, based on customers ‘ wishes, to resolve the crisis.

Carrefour busy catching up on the one hand, and balance between market supply and demand order, emergency notification each customer is limited to two bottles on the other hand, fixed ad in the paper and apologized to consumers.

Comment: Carrefour “customer satisfaction” as a crisis-management public relations purpose, make a crisis turned into a PR opportunity.

A sales girl’s glory days

Small Gang He went to a real estate company, the performance is zero, the work cannot be carried out.

Finally one day, an old man too urban noise, bad air, going to buy a room the couple live in the zone, but his swing in the number of sales companies.

The old man’s wife had stomach problems, which gives a little what a breakthrough. She began to track feedback on behalf of the door, and they only talk about health care, he said he did the father of Chinese medicine treatment of Portal hypertensive gastropathy is a, the old lady will let any help. Small what they called that night, asked him to provide a treatment of gastric sinus infection remedies. Said the father pig stomach (commonly known as pork belly), macaroni, White Lotus, Lian Mi stew soup with special effects.

The next day, bought medicine for my little old ladies door, morning on the third day, and bought fresh pork belly sent to. Since then, every 4 days Ho sent a pair of pork belly, and does not mention the House thing. When the fifth door, two old men pull small said: “daughter Ah, this afternoon signed the purchase contract with us. ”

From then on, buy commercial customers as long as it is from an early age what she is doing everything it can to help. Have to pay in return, where they are very much concerned about the small, take the initiative to provide information for small, introduces the buyer, where small sales shoot up, people first of all colleagues.

Revelation: “heart surgery” is also a traditional means of marketing, in use may wish to look beyond that, don’t ignore the other person client side, partner, subordinate, and others may have influence with the members of the Secretariat.

Marketing focused on return to products

More recently, in the United States 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES), the two Korea triumphed manufacturers LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, has won 29 Awards, occupying the United States Consumer Electronics Association award of all 10%. This seems to be just a simple news about it, but the reality is not so simple.

Overview of CES’s background, it is the world’s largest consumer electronics show, is the electronic industry leader. Award-winning products in this exhibition is undoubtedly more qualified higher-end route.

It is said that in the exhibition, both Samsung and LG have released a new, more games, video, audio and computer-compatible features. This is in line with the future needs of digital home. After Apple launched a diamonds in the Black iPod products, but Samsung’s products because of better playing was admired by more people, more stylish.

Prior to that, Chinese companies and advisory bodies has been studying Korea enterprise, think their way of winning is brilliant marketing strategy and tactics, product, fashion, even carrying the Olympic cause.

But that is not so simple, when we research companies such as Samsung, dominant gene, have ignored the strut behind the dominant gene, such as mastering core technologies, future trends. These are the core competitive advantages of companies such as Samsung.

Comments: do the paving in front, in fact, just to make a point: in the market in the future, technical lead will become corporate Raiders. And many Chinese companies now spend more time on the Terminal, advertising, public relations, not paid much attention to various elements of the product. Strictly speaking there is nothing wrong, but it cannot long maintain differentiated competitive advantage, unable to reach high places, nice and big peaches. Maybe, it’s time to consider how to marketing the focus back onto the item.
Defeated and also a Parker

18 years ago United States whim decided to humble a Parker pen, walked out of the aristocratic clubs, plunged into civilian Wo wants to try in poor taste. Pike less aristocratic salons, civilians did not give Parker the home make the bench. It’s like a lost Prince beginning to understand that I am what the hell?

Parker fountain pens in the United States and the world famous, like Switzerland’s Rolex watches, set beautifully elegant precious in a civilian becomes prohibitive. It is a symbol of wealth, its emperors, Presidents and the rich people give each other gifts. Its value not only in terms of decent and durable, but also treasures.

But the day 18 years ago, it morphed into leather for a return to one’s own life, condescended to, throwing themselves at me in the homes of ordinary people. Since then, the person has begun to it the cold shoulder, with noble hands wouldn’t touch it. But civilians it is not love, just like crude candidate wife, is using strong fields of work fiercely to a Princess, but I do not know where to start, such as “Coke much love.” Then Parker pen was left out.

Parker pen to get across a civilian addictions, miracles in the sales, and almost dying. If you want to day die, let it be, problem is that it does not want to die. Then it’s dead? Movies the million pound bum is really rich, rich is really dead. Parker made his poor time, results annual report a deficit, came close to bankruptcy. It is smart, post-crisis outcrop, a cry from civilians run naked through the House and out, fell into the arms of the rich, thousand admit grumble, not scold yourself miles away, finally received a unanimous understanding of the noble, agreed with Parker back.

The failure there is no sinister motives of the Pike, just soaking in oil and greasy, like some bread, like a runaway young master, and after a lot of homeless, dirty face on an empty stomach, head at a 90-degree, dingy into the House.

More reviews: product market positioning is very critical, “old King Pavilion Hall swallows before, flying into the homes of ordinary people” in marketing must be wary of the situation.

Monopoly after the cold

A company has a half Street facade. This street is a big residential area nearby. Because business is bad for more than 10 years the company had to withdraw stores chosen for renting. There are a couple, the first to rent here, set up a snack shop and business was particularly good. Mala sale, selling tofu sauce, selling instant-boiled mutton, sell Shanxi mutton … … All huddled into the street, the street and noisy, and soon became a popular famous tapas Street.

See rental business so popular. External rental company can sit. Company withdrew for renting the entire facade, ran off all the people who operates a variety of snacks here, suddenly, my snack business. But don’t expect just over a month, the streets deserted, the company’s efficiency is surprisingly poor.

Company managers scratching their heads. Ask a respected market research expert. Experts listened, smiled and asked him: “If you’re going to eat, is an only a restaurant up the street, still to a street that there are dozens of restaurants? ”

Manager said: “of course is where the restaurant much choice, I would have to go. “Experts listened, smiled and said,” so your company has monopolized the street snack business, this same street only a restaurant what’s different? ”

Managers admit, after return, are quick to scale back the business of his company stores, and facing the door for rent, this street business immediately and restore the old fire.

Revelation: on big market to make money, stay away from the market, it is far away from the possibility of making money. This was a mature businessman most clear way of business.
Pet monkey Sun

Once there was a man selling straw hats, very tired every day selling. One day he happened to pass by a large tree, his straw hat down, sitting under the tree began to nod.

When he woke up, found the side straw hats are all gone. I looked up to see, many monkeys in the trees, each animal had a straw hat on his head. He thought that monkeys like to imitate human movements, and he took his hat off, on the ground, monkeys learned he will straw hats have been thrown on the floor. Happily selling straw hat picked up the hat, and went back home. After returning home, he had this strange event told his son and grandson.

After many, many years, grandson inherited the family business. One day, when he sold straw hats with Grandpa, and fell asleep under the tree. Straw was also the monkey away. Grandson grandfather, took off his hat, on the ground, but strange is that monkeys did not follow him, and kept staring at him. For a while, the Monkey King appears. King grabbed a straw hat on the ground and said, “you’re kidding! Do you think you have a grandfather? “