Gain and loss Psychology: “a disadvantage is a blessing” of business philosophy

Gain and loss Psychology: “a disadvantage is a blessing” of business philosophy
How to treat the gain and loss in the market. Every business person must deal with the psychological problems. In the face of gains and losses, people inevitably accounting is, in fact, people can not put too much emphasis on the pros and cons, too seriously but would be wasted, if bearish gains and losses, but to their own success. A shrewd businessman, but also to learn how to stand in the point of view of the opponent think. Look at the problem, solve problems, but also to the known know, to win the initiative.
The historian Fan Ye said: “everyone knows take to take, and I do not know and for.” It is for this and puncture a fallacy with one remark. The effect of the interaction with the loss, sometimes it is not immediately effective, but to understand the mystery of people, will grasp the initiative to take the initiative, let it play an unexpected effect.
Li Jiacheng once said: “sometimes you seem to be a very bad thing, often will become a very good thing.” “One of the things to lose” is one of Li Jiacheng’s principles of dealing with people.
Li Ka Shing has served as the chairman or director of more than ten companies, but he put all the duties are paid Guiren Cheung company account; his annual take only HK $5000. The 5000 Hong Kong dollars is still less than the company’s annual salary of a cleaner in early 1980s. Li Jiacheng for more than two decades to maintain the same, only take 5000 Hong Kong dollars.
Li Jiacheng is in fact a small profit, not to take, and even can be said to be a small profit for the bait to catch a big fish. Li Jiacheng every year to give up thousands of yuan of position salary, but the company’s shareholders of the same good. Aiwujiwu, naturally trust long lines of stock. Even Li Jiacheng bought shares, investors who have followed suit, buy.
Li Jiacheng is a major shareholder, Cheung Department shares were raised, long lines shares increased, big profit is of course Li Jiacheng. In this way, Li Jiacheng every want to do big things, the general assembly is easy to get through the general meeting of shareholders. For Li Jiacheng such a super rich. Job salary is not a large number, the number of dogs is the value of the shares he holds. General business can only be considered smart, the only Li Jiacheng a class of business Superman, only to have the great wisdom of doing business.
Some people look only on the immediate interests, doing business is not a penny, but only to their own interests. Is just a small profit, but lost the long-term profit, it can be described as picking up the sesame, lost the watermelon. Li Jiacheng is just the opposite, he left a small profit, and won the great profit.
Small profit not shed, big profit not to come. This is the iron rule, the small and the big this one to the simplest contradiction contains the most complex dialectics. Some people regard small as big, some people regard big is small, but small and big, and often can transform each other. Get the small the true taste, also can be in the values of the buddha.
YKK is a world famous enterprise, is. Yoshida Societe Generale “. Its founder is the world’s zipper king Yoshida Tadao. Today YKK is one of Japan after World War II operation was the most successful large enterprises, the achievement can be with Panasonic, Sony and Honda. So, racing together bridle to bridle.
YKK is the world’s largest zipper manufacturer and Japan’s largest aluminum building materials manufacturing company I. In 1982, its annual turnover of $25. It is in the 39 regions of the world factory, the annual production of zipper length of about 200 kilometers. Between the earth and the moon, the two half of the, and its zipper products accounted for 90% of Japan’s domestic market, the world’s zipper market 35%.
Many successful entrepreneurs in the world, have their own beliefs in Philosophy in business. Business philosophy in Yoshida: a benevolent cycle. He explained: “I will be divided into three parts. 1/3 with good quality products and low price to the consumer: 1/3 to sell our products dealers; 1/3 used to improve our factory.”
On the one hand, YKK allows the company’s employees to buy shares of the company. Now more than ykk40% shares owned by the company’s employees. On the other hand. YKK provides of the company’s employees, 10% and 50% of the wages and benefits of the bonus in the company, and to pay interest rates on a monthly basis above the bank’s fixed deposit rate. This fund to the end of 1983 has been accumulated to 4300 million dollars.
Yoshida Tadao pursued the so-called “benevolent cycle” theory, not one hundred percent for his own initiative. He was a slogan from the late American entrepreneur, Andrew Carnegie, a slogan, and added it to the finish. This slogan is “if you don’t give something to somebody, you won’t succeed.” Yoshida Tadao’s philosophy of “benevolence” management philosophy is to guide the success of his business theory, but also the development of the Ykk to continue to develop and implement the creed.
“Good and the person, must take”, the small loss can exchange for the big interest. “Love those who love to return, a blessing to those who come”. In the world of things, there is no return to pay a return of the pay, there is no return. The more you give, the more you get, the more you want to give to others.
A businessman to be bearish money, ‘money, does not bring that death can’t take it with you “, this a few words everyone will say, everyone can understand. But in fact, when the real face of money of gain and loss to truly free and easy money as worldly possessions, and easier said than done!
The “things”, we really need to have a correct attitude to be understood. This attitude, saying that white is the people to drive and can be as yu. If money loss to heart cannot extricate oneself release. Even inclined to sit alone at night, on the invitation of the worry about words, good night to sleep “, that really is some mistakes on the what is more, business failure, not be suicide to commit suicide is gloomy and eventually, this is human frailty of the side. If shi Yuzhu can not afford to lose “giant” fallen defeat. He could not stand up again, is not now the Shi Yuzhu of the.
Sometimes, in a certain area of the loss of some, eat some losses, may be in the other hand, may be more. Is the so-called small loss accounted for a big deal”. Business people must be in the business to maintain this mentality.
Business people have to be willing to “suffer”, Kenley people. If you want to own benefit, to benefit people. In the business competition to achieve a goal, you can use the first to get the strategy. Take and give, the former is the goal, the latter is the means.
Business will lose, see open, stand aloof, mentality is to. Because the merchant has the money to cut the natural connection, so the businessman should know that, by making money and have fun, should be detached from the money, free to control money, it should be derived from the business process itself, rather than from the money itself.

Impatience: restraint attitude.

Impatience: restraint attitude.
From a psychological point of view, a person in business is too smooth, too prosperous, often lose wise, only to see the good side, blindly optimistic, by impulsive and bring about risk. The operator must resist the heart nervous, keep the mind awake and wise.
The great group after the fall, Shi Yuzhu as a warning for the future. Sum up experience. Shi Yuzhu said. The greater the purpose. The greater the risk, if not through the scientific analysis of the argument, there is no need for the organization to ensure that the inevitable loss of heavy. Shi Yuzhu also said. Industry span too, into a new category and non advantage, but eager to shop booth, limited funds are firmly set dead, lead to the building of the great financial crisis, almost caused the collapse of the entire company.
As we all know, the death of a great man is to build a great man. Why a great man to build such a beyond my financial and material resources, and may be a great man in 100 years also can not use the building? The great building, originally prepared to cover 38, then why rise to 70?
Shi Yuzhu explained: 38 story ideas come out soon, the second half of 1992 a guide to our company visit, see the building location is very good, on the initiative of the floor was a little higher, occupied to go into the development of real estate. So we put the design to the 54 layer. Later, a very fast and the design to the 64 layer, which has two elements is the design of the unit that the 54 and 64 layers of the following basic impact is not small. Two, we want to win glory for the city of Zhuhai, a landmark building. At that time, Guangzhou was the highest building in the country, set at the 63 level, we want to go beyond it. But we feel that the 64 layer is a bit of a taboo, a few people on the group to discuss 70 layers. Call to Hongkong to consult the designer, the other side to inform the technology is feasible, so it is set in the 70 layer.
To Shi Yuzhu’s remarks, you feel what is? Is not like a joke, like a child’s play? That how enterprises can not fail! Great building the original budget for 2 billion yuan. The duration of two years, heightening to 70, to 1200000000 yuan budget, prolonged period to six years. Later, Shi Yuzhu will great all activities of the fund is invested in the great building and in Hong Kong to sell uncompleted money, are dissatisfied with the filling of the black hole. In the end, the great man has not built up, the great man has fallen.
Shi Yuzhu later summed up my experience, I said, I am the biggest mistake, it is not understand the financial, the risk of losing control. But his epiphany came too late, but it is never too late to mend. Nowadays Shi Yuzhu once again stand up, past experience and lessons to help him prevent warning. Later on, never is a precious warning ambitious!
“Lao Zi” said. Chongruruojing, allegedly for.. This may mean, complacent more to alert the heart carefully. In business operations. Business should not be too impatient, but can not have the mentality.
Zhang likes to read Laozi, read innumerable times, comprehend deeply, rewarding, Lao Tzu said “be terrified whether granted favours or subjected to humiliation simple proposition, Zhang Ruimin reading very touching. He was on 4 May 1999, Qingdao Municipal Committee invitation to young people to write a page preface, wrote such a sentence complacent not ecstasy, frustrated not to be rude. Zhang Ruimin by the influence of Lao Zi is evident.
As everyone knows Haier Group was made the world attention the achievement, these with Zhang conscientious is inseparable, Zhang also won the people’s respect and love. Objectively speaking, Zhang Ruimin’s complacent place and many, Zhang Ruimin was not complacent?. Is the so-called, if surprised. Zhang Ruimin think as an entrepreneur, must have considerable effect in terms of self-cultivation, and the social ability to do “righteousness and benefit” the responsibility, the prosperity of the road, ability plastic produce has the sense of responsibility, ideal for both businessmen and moral.
Although Zhang Ruimin got a lot of achievements can let him be complacent, but he never so sing one’s own praises. September 1998. After obtaining the outstanding results, Zhang Ruimin actually said. If there is no satisfaction, there is a bit to slow down the pace of the concept of the Haier brand will be eliminated overnight.
If entrepreneurs in good times will be complacent, aggressive, will ignore the risk control. And financial risk control. Should be an entrepreneur’s fundamental power. The enterprise has been devastated by aggressive, often collapse in the enterprise the most glorious time, it is particularly regrettable.
In prosperity, people are often most easily consciously pessimistic, head, this is called disaster fuse. By the arrogant with risk, just as arrogant, rams horn to the top of the fence, result was stuck in the corner, not backward, also can travel, no any feasible method.
As a business, do not impatient is not exaggerated, will have a good development. At the beginning of eclipse may encounter obstruction, as long as know the difficulties and slow at, wins.

Cooperation Psychology: in the pursuit of win-win cooperation

Cooperation Psychology: in the pursuit of win-win cooperation
For business, want to become a major event, must understand the importance of cooperation with others, in the cooperation and seek common ground while reserving differences, so as to development, as big.
A fence of the three piles, one of three men to help. We live in with cooperation for the development of the society, however, only concerted and coordinated, seek common ground while reserving differences, is a wise move. In the course of doing business, a person’s ability is limited, in order to achieve greater success, business people must know how to cooperate and cooperate with others.
Success can not only rely on their own strong, each person’s ability to have a certain limit. The person who is good at cooperating with others can make up the deficiency of his ability to achieve the goal that he can’t reach. Where do things all need the power of cooperation, single-handed world can only get smaller. Edison, Newton of the 18th century and 19th century is rely on a person alone Park successful example of struggle, and today alone it is difficult to have as big. The wisdom and energy is limited, enterprises need the help of the power of cooperation.
Hu Xueyan, the late Qing Dynasty and the merchant of the late Qing Dynasty, summed up a set of philosophy from the life experience. People who carry a flower.. He is good at observing people’s psychology, the people, farmers, workers, business and other sectors of the people are gathered together, with their own money advantage, with the work of some people.
Because he is good at communicating with people, so it is very smooth and clear to help collaboration, timely completion of the task and the king have a total of food cooperation, Wang Youling has the money can gallop in the officialdom, Hu Xueyan also had the opportunity to fight in the mall. Such a variety of mutually beneficial cooperation, Hu Xueyan such a primary school apprentice became a hold of Jiangnan Banbi money industry Niuer tycoon.
At the same time, Hu Xueyan and fellow reciprocal7 meat understand truth, therefore, he managed to contact peers. Nanxun Huzhou silk industry. Four. One of Pang Yunduan’s friends, Hu Xueyan. After the Opium War, the powers of the Chinese as the supply of agricultural and sideline products and industrial raw materials, a large number of Nanxun Huzhou silk export, Hu Xueyan in Tongzhi years also began to do silk business. Hu Xueyan was born in banks, the silk industry is a layman, then he had to seek and ranks Lake silk origin, of raw silk is quite adept Pang Yunzeng cooperation. Two people to work together, enough money, a large scale, with a wide range, so as to form a climate in the silk industry market.
Cooperation, of course, is reciprocal. Hu Xueyan do silk business to get Pang Yunzeng help. In turn, he also to Xiao Yunzeng impart the pharmaceutical business experience, later, Ponzi in Nanxun opened the town the biggest pharmacy, Pang Zi German drugstore, and is located in Hangzhou Huqingyutang close relationship.
In fact, a large part of Hu Xueyan’s success is also due to the sincere cooperation with peers in the industry. Each line of business of Hu Xueyan have an excellent partner, and almost his every partner are to him have a planting to lock the door. And the evaluation of the meaning. In the Hu Xueyan fortune, he always does not forget to walk, especially to help lower merchant.
Hu Xueyan examples to our enlightenment is their own strength is limited, which is not only of Hu Xueyan, the problem is that each and every one of us, but as long as we are willing to cooperate with others, it would have to takes the human long to make up short oneself. As a result, mutual benefit, so that both sides benefit from the cooperation.
Vatti water heater business groups are known as. Seven Star compass. , seven grew up together since the childhood friend came from a peasant family in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, their common tree the banner of the partnership business.
The end of 1991. Deng Xinhua, Huang Wenzhi, Pan Quanzhi, Li Jiakang, Huang Qijun, Yang Jianhui, Guan Xiyuan,, seven old friends come together, everyone’s career is small. Without the pressure to survive, there is a development of distress. They discuss plans for the development of the future. Open yellow Wenzhi gas appliances, spare parts processing factory, my factory in recent years to several gas cooker production plant to provide spare parts, each month to volume are sharply increasing. It is proved that the cooker production is profitable. We heard came in.
In April 1992, seven people unanimously elected Deng XH as chairman, W.S. technology as general manager, the enterprise was renamed Zhongshan vantage Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.. Seven bosses have not read the University, the highest high school graduation, they follow the beginning. Let each person do his best Each in his element Basic principles. A reasonable division of labor, each person is also a department manager. At the same time, they carried out democratic centralism, in decision making problems, seven people have four people in favor of the operator through, to eradicate the authoritarian decision-making mistakes, from the system ensures the vantage’s healthy development, now, get the consumer identity vantage stylish and elegant high-grade image, become a darling of the water heater market.
Friends, fellow students, students, is the most important business of external resources, cooperation and entrepreneurship. There are many examples of common development. The five names He Boquan, Yang Jieqiang, Wang Guang, Li Baojue, Peng Yanfen was known as the beverage industry one four Dragon yifeng. “Golden combination.. In 1989, in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, Boquan, Yang Jieqiang, Wang Guang, Li Baolei, Peng Yanfen five young people rent “robust. The trademark business, began to carve the start empty-handed. In the meantime, the company was renamed the group today, after the acquisition of Guangzhou and renamed the Lebaishi Lebaishi group.
The successful experience of the “vantage” and “robust” tells us that the cooperation is a profound human relations and to rely on others, but also to learn to work with people. Pay attention to doing business is a piece of money to earn, know how to cooperate with the people who can always do a good job in two profit. Win-win
Then how to select good partners in business or entrepreneurial? Ideal cooperator requires not only the roots Zhide, mutual trust, and demands that the parties have good complementarity in the ability, personality. When choosing a partner, do not give oneself over to blind emotions. Shopping malls do not recognize the friendship, only to tell the truth. Feelings instead of reason, do not be fooled by the feeling of warmth veil, confused mind, and finally in order to say the feelings. , in fact, hurt the feelings of both sides. Cooperation must be signed 26 cooperation agreement, the parties shall to the extent of responsibility and should enjoy the rights and interests of carefully agreement down, must not lip service, in a word, rather than “first villain after the gentleman”.

Suffering consciousness: peace, stay awake

Suffering consciousness: peace, stay awake
From the city, the Sixth Party Congress report “powu”, to the meeting of the Municipal People’s Congress “do not think themselves in the world, do not do a frog in a well”, the city people’s Political Consultative Conference “keep awake alert, face the gap”, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee, party secretary Ma Xingrui repeatedly stressed the city party members and cadres should have the sense of urgency.
Recently, the Shenzhen, you need to quietly “the popular network, directed at the Shenzhen health care, education, transportation and other livelihood short board, display is vigilant in peace time, Chang Huai hardship consciousness, reading thought-provoking. The 35 year anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, is in the key to deepen reform and innovation development. More crucial stage of the ridge to tackle tough in the climbing, the need to be vigilant in peace time, Chang Huai hardship, so as to self alert, pressure endeavour.
Be prepared, often with hardship, to broaden the horizons. In addition to the people’s livelihood short board, in the release of the rule of law dividends, gathering the high-end talent, Shenzhen also need to work hard. Looking at the domestic, then that Yiqijuechen reform scenarios have been difficult to reproduce, instead is Pentium’s situation, in some places the reform pace is stridden bigger, urban construction, social governance, creating a more vivid experience; in some areas, environmental protection, economic “win-win” the road more walk more and more wide. On the perfection of the market, have the whole world in view, the degree of trade facilitation, livable environment, more than our city and how many?! Only to be vigilant in peace time, Chang Huai suffering, in order to further establish the SAR, stimulate the special, the HKSAR continued to increase innovation advantage, step into a new stage.
Be prepared, often with hardship, to enhance the standard. “Powu” in the “get rid of the reputation, the complacency of the comfortable state of mind, establish awareness of the danger, to the city, the majority of Party members and cadres erected a mirror, struck a wake-up call. SAR in the initial period of the “wild”, under the hard working conditions, with hard work and prosperous the spiritual unity of the people of the city engage in reform, construction, created the miracle and brilliant. Examine himself is “tired of fame, for the hymn and confusion, for the interests of the trapped”, there is no “new bull” of the gengxu, director of entrepreneurship courage and passion, to shame Yong to catch up.
Chang Huai suffering heart, not in order to cooling enthusiasm, self Gan destruction, but to spur their own, catch up, is to come up with more as for more significant results. Suffering of the heart is also positive energy, its energy is reflected in the work of Shenzhen’s reform and development in the aspects of the party. Night action, efforts to improve the second barrier traffic; started flood governance flood congress battle, let new city less “blocking”; start to open up the broken road engineering and so on, recent advances in Shenzhen, a series of work, aiming at the problems and people “pain points” difficulties is suffering consciousness role reflected in the actual. Hardship that urge a person, it is to determine the city, the Sixth Party Congress every aspect of the objectives and tasks, rapid decomposition to refine the unit and head, get to work at once, let “long-standing” no longer drag is no longer difficult, so that the advantages of the more prominent, to Shenzhen in promoting the “four overall development” real stem in implement, in the forefront, the early completion of the modernization and internationalization of the innovative city.
Hardship is in the heart, but must be seen in the line!

Caution: to be very careful business mentality

Caution: to be very careful business mentality
Fosun high-tech group chairman Guo Guangchang and Liang Ejun, Wang qunbin, Fan Wei, talk about sword in the start at the beginning, choose to familiarize yourself from the start. Choose their first goal is for enterprises to do angular field investigation, because Guo Guangtong in Fudan University Communist Youth League when the Minister of research once organized students to TIJ field adjusting laboratory activities and activities with a bang, God of the sun, the turtle, Ganso food in Shanghai market survey are they bear, the market survey of the project without funds and social relationship needs to do early foreshadowing, only by wisdom and diligence can operate together. After the investigation of 50 companies, they decided to create an industry with independent intellectual property rights.
Since Wang Qunbin and Wei Fan have the experience of bio pharmaceutical industry, the prospects for the industry to know more. So they choose mine Kun bio pharmaceutical industry as the main direction of generation. Identified the main attack direction. To keep up with the money. They first get the sales agent of the Real Estate Company, with the sale of commercial real estate agents to accumulate the original funds.
The first product is a kind of gene diagnosis Fosun products — PCR diagnostic kit. PCR technology was invented in the middle of 1980s. In the early 90’s the beginning of the world for clinical. The technology use in vitro specific environmental specific gene fragments in a short time to replicate more than a million times, can greatly shorten the medical diagnosis of the disease, and greatly reduce the rate of misdiagnosis. Results with great success. In order to rely on, Guo Guangchang successfully established Fosun characteristics of marketing and sales network, to speed up the transformation of scientific research achievements into products of speed, forming a stable product user market and good after-sales service system.
Guo Guangchang after their success remains cautious. Guo Guangchang put forward “to be very careful, as if, trembling with fear, be conscientious and do one’s best. 16 words are said. Purpose of this consensus drag five young shareholder years does not share a penny bonus, but and the employee of the company as the monthly led a salary. Even people very valued housing, do not pay attention to their W, also lived and ordinary working-class roughly the same two bedroom.
In such a collective. They are not only the common development of the business, as each individual’s self, but also in mutual promotion has been developed. In 2000, under the leadership of Guo Guangchang, Fuxing company’s net assets reached $4.65 billion, Guo Guangchang was named by Forbes magazine as China Regal 25th, individuals have assets amounted to $1.16 billion. It was because of Guo Guangchang’s stay in business. To be very careful “psychological. The degree “passed yesterday, Fosun is through today. Towards a brilliant future.
Busine in impermanence, amidst the winds of change, will often face risks and difficulties, therefore, traders should know how to hold a sense of perpetuity, cautious and down-to-earth to adapt to the brave, so you can avoid the mistake of lead.
After 1998, new hope Agriculture Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, Liu Yongxing in a timely manner to their development aims: to feed is the main guarantee of main profit center position without wavering, then fight in one or two areas formed a new profit growth point.
Liu Yonghang once had a good prospect for the pharmaceutical industry. He is going to do something in pharmacy. Then he didn’t do it,. I become the second largest investment Beijing shunghe pharmaceutical launched shareholders, in order to explore the feasibility of entering the pharmaceutical industry. But after repeated more than a year, I finally adjusted the business objectives, to dispel the idea of military system in pharmaceutical industry.
Liu Yonghang found that although the pharmaceutical industry in spite of huge profits, but the pharmaceutical industry is also one of the most competitive industries. He passed the survey. Get such a number, that is, Sichuan Province as an expansion of the 37 large enterprises in the 20 large enterprises have to intervene in the pharmaceutical industry, but many companies in the pharmaceutical industry are more than their own advantages. Therefore, he thought that the new hope. Has no advantage in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, Liu Yonghang decisively to make a decision to adjust their goals.
, of course, if the new hope group’s strength, to Liu Yongxing of the operation ability and education, if he had to enter the pharmaceutical industry, believe. New hope. Can also be successful. But Liu Yonghang and. New hope “is the pursuit of greater success and gain. So in order to more success, timely adjust their business objectives is a wise move.
For a man who has been cautious, it is wise to be prudent. Have to be very careful, as if the psychology of business, can guarantee in business activities will not make a sad fault. If you can do the things carefully, the event can be naturally smooth development.
Most of the history of the business world is a double character, both coarse and fine two advantages. Business is going to be, must be both bold and careful two personality. Daring people like, but if not careful look far ahead from a high plane, do rely on, is reckless, difficult to achieve a big industry.

Psychological balance is the hard truth: Friendliness is conducive to business success.

Psychological balance is the hard truth: Friendliness is conducive to business success.
In the course of business, some people tend to the question of principle and some trivial things to win the joy, who also refused to admit defeat, said is the true to that must have a showdown that is willing to give up. The result was flushed and big disharmony gas.
From a psychological point of view, the gentle and friendly is always more powerful than anger and violence. Therefore, first of all, we should pay attention to create a harmonious and friendly business atmosphere, and then in this environment. Only know how to self reflection, caution or fear, hold the middle, flexible, and business will be bigger and bigger.
At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the rise in the Taiping situation, around the military recruiting. The soldiers have weapons, thus all need a large number of yangqiangyangbao. Hu Xueyan saw this, decided to make full use of their official relations do the arms business.
In conversation, Hu Xueyan from comprador ancient should spring mouth that British people have a number of firearms and recently arrived in Shanghai, and we are also working with the Taiping Army approached. Ready to sell to the peace corps. Hu Xueyan immediately decided to put this can make a lot of money to dig up business hard. He decided to buy 1000 foreign guns. However, after deciding to buy a gun, Gu Yingchun asked again. In addition there are guns, guns, do you want to buy?. It makes Hu Xueyan a bit hesitant and hesitant, but finally gave up the intention to buy a gun.
In the end is what reason make Hu Xueyan even hand money do not want to make it? Original, Fujian Gong Zhenshun in Zhejiang Province, presided over the artillery office, Zhejiang Bureau of gun is mainly manufacturing artillery. Gong Zhenlin invention Ding casting artillery swage, if the caption “, but also specifically if a” cardinal carriage new caption “, in cast cannons quite nuisance achievements. His son’s name, Gong Zhijia, rather to father pass. The two men, all was the governor of Zhejiang Huang Zonghan appreciation and reuse.
Hu Xueyan is clear, manufacturing the cannon Bureau hosted by the father and son of Gong Zhenlin, Gong Zhitang Tubao, absolutely cannot catch up with the western “landing flowering gun. , but after all, they made their own guns. If he bought American gun, due to the large western gun power, good quality, is bound to top off manufacturing guns Bureau of Zhejiang Tubao, will inevitably infringe the interests of cannon Bureau, causing the jealousy of the artillery office. Pao Ju Gong’s son had won the governor of Zhejiang Huang Zonghan reuse, wantonly picky buy Yangqiangyangbao drawbacks, against Zhejiang purchased ocean artillery toothfish. As a result, Hu Xueyan not only foreign guns not to buy, I’m afraid even guns can not buy into.
Hu Xueyan this based on the consideration of worldly wisdom, decided to happen the gun buy guns, not only to avoid the interests of cannon Bureau touched, smoothly paved the bright road of success, and choose a different business Xiang Yu, another market. As opposed to the opposition. No wonder the comprador had seen the world ocean Gu Yingchun Hu Xiaoyan, it is with emotion and admiration.
Hu Xueyan replied. Officialdom, shopping malls are all the same! Player hating each other to make a long story short, can not envy, what things can be successful:.
Hu Xueyan’s words make sense. Business business is a university asked, a business has to pay with one out, but also pay attention to the personal experience into a retreat. Consider only the money, said no place to step on the ground who buried the mines. Especially with peers, competition and cooperation, but do not oppose, in their own money at the same time could stop the Giro of others.
Competitive relationships tend to be the same as the peers “. Shifang, neither don’t touch each other’s interests, but also can benefit the three alternative way to go?? of course! This is not seize peer jobs counterparts, not jealous.
Such examples in the field of foreign business is also very common. U.S. President Barack Franklin’s little savings, in order to make himself as soon as possible to get more capital, he used to invest in a limited number of capital, and the partnership opened a small printing factory. Because the size of the printing factory is very small, the work is not much, as a shareholder, Franklin in order to make the printing factory can work more fixed, he will work hard to get on the Philadelphia State Council of a clerk. As a result, he would be able to get a job as a parliamentary seal, which can work for a larger business and get more profit.
In Franklin’s efforts, the cause of the rapid development of. In the foreground, but there is a very bad thing for him. One of the most wealthy and most capable members of the parliament has a dislike for him. The senator is don’t like Franklin, also publicly scolded him. Franklin for his unreasonable and arbitrary almost unbearable, but at this time he thought of his investment, the idea is the fate of the printing factory. Think of their own future.
In the event of a negative direction, Franklin has taken a way to make the other party willing to accept the way, so that the conflict has changed. He wrote to ask the congressman to help himself. Franklin knew that the member’s vanity was very strong, and he was very clever at his admiration for his knowledge and achievements.
Franklin later recalled. At that time, heard of his library in the possession of a very rare and special book, I wrote a a note to him, asking him to take a surname Book lend me a few days, so I read it again. He’ll get the book to me right away. After about a week, I put the books back to him, also attached a letter, strongly to he said my thanks -, so when we again in parliament to meet. He managed to break free from conventions, say hello to me. This time. He is very polite.
From then on, the relationship between the two gradually eased. Later Franklin received his help, the printing factory to contract more and more business. Franklin also earned a lot of money. The senator has become a good friend of his life.
For business people, to prevent the fight with people, is a good habit. Merchants must pay attention to health and friendly relationship between people, and gas can benefit everyone, deal with the interpersonal relationship is the ability of a successful career and make a fortune. To engage in a harmonious interpersonal relationships, and the atmosphere of gas and gas to make money, and the principle, good for the purpose, to avoid causing conflicts, first do business, so as to bring their own wealth.
Don’t be so and this kind of psychology is more terrible than the check evidence of both parties at court, plague, more evil than the devil. Businessmen should solve the contradiction through coordination and dialogue, and should not rely on the means of litigation. This is the result of a large number of observations, and not just a person’s experience. So, if you encounter problems can not be solved by arbitration, easily do not take the road of litigation.

Open mind: jump out of the fixed psychological mode

Open mind: jump out of the fixed psychological mode
The world everything has its own set of rules, however, too wallow in inherent in the model, it is easy to form a psychological stereotype, stuck in a small circle walk not to come out. So, do business people sometimes need to open their own thinking, for a point of view, you will find that everything is impossible to become possible.
China’s famous brand GREE air conditioning of many varieties have a. Box of air conditioner. It was invented, and it was the inventor of the so-called. Experience. Before it was created.
1995, GREE’s Zhu Jianghong in the United States, accidentally saw Coca-Cola’s color is very bright, the mind suddenly appeared inspiration. Thus the design of a new patented product “box of air conditioner. This kind of air conditioning sweep for decades air conditioning cold face bore, counter picturesque, fruit fragrance, in their original use value added a bit of beauty.
Zhu Jianghong’s breakthrough of conventional air conditioning and change the mentality, let face “. A new change has occurred. Color surface air conditioner Gree than similar products on the market price of 500 yuan higher. This kind of air conditioning in the domestic and foreign markets are very popular, but also because of their own intellectual property rights and no competitors, in one fell swoop to become the company’s top 100 percent of the highest profit margin.
This is a constantly changing world, we need to open arms, dedicate this time, learn with an open mind view and thinking about a problem, learn to open to ideas to elaborate the problem this is an era full of change. We want to put down the burden, give up has lasted for thousands of years the so-called “experience, to start a new attempt, poke the eyes and heart. Wall of glass. , to speed up the pace of advance.
Often to the routine psychological new in order to be different, through the “odd new in order to be different, in. Work on, come up with surprisingly business tricks, win surprisingly effect.
Take a photograph of the daughter, is Henry Rand usually like to do most of the things, every time to see photos daughter intoxicating smile, he has the kind of happiness, but recently he was a baffles. Day after a photo shoot, his daughter asked to immediately get the father of her taking photos, how is it possible, Henry with his daughter explain said photos can only be negative until exhausted, removed from the camera, and then get the darkroom with special drug development. Also to accept the strong light irradiation, and with the drug treatment, to see. Although the mouth to say but daughter reminded him, why not invent a “at the same time developing the camera, this idea, once run out, he couldn’t calm the, although some people think that this is simply a fantastic dream, but he never put abandon this dream, after numerous experiments and failure. His final bow successfully create first. The Polaroid camera “, also founded the Rand corporation.
Old ideas are not necessarily right, the new idea is not necessarily wrong, as long as the break down the psychological shackles, breaking the psychological set, you will be as successful as rand. Many years ago, a hotel because of the tension of the elevator, they invited engineers to discuss how to add a new elevator. After careful thinking, and finally everyone agreed that the need to open a big hole in each layer, and then directly install the new elevator, the program is determined to be on the issue of funding to discuss, at this time is the meeting room cleaning glass cleaners heard their conversation, she suddenly said. If all the openings in each floor, it will certainly get the entire floor of the dusty, who would like to come here?. An engineer said, not to say. To the overall situation, this is unavoidable.. But the cleaners still insist on their own views, she said. If I may put the elevator on the outside, otherwise, opening at the top of the stairs, customers will mistakenly believe that the hotel to collapse will seriously affect their business. The engineer was shot and then see light suddenly, be overwhelmed with admiration for, your head and say. We are not as good as you this Those closely involved cannot see clearly., outsider thoughtful. Later, people followed suit, and a little cleaner contributed to a revolution in the history of the building — to build up the elevator.
Within the pedestrian is always superstitious experience, by their own psychological set and thinking mode, it is difficult to jump out of their own circle, from another point of view. So many times, even in a field of experts, it is difficult to have a big breakthrough. Instead, some of the pedestrian is a pioneer in this area.
Businessmen must open their minds. Jump out from the original fixed psychological mode, so that innovative thinking to fill your life, you will find that the original world can be more rich and wonderful.
The world is changing, new scenery. There is no fixed pattern in business. Business managers to learn with an open mind to face the world, it can make your personality has become athletic, elastic, make people full of enterprising spirit, full of momentum and ambition. Even in the face of difficulties, also can easily do a job with skill and ease, disposal.