Flexible Psychology: flexible thinking treasure

Flexible Psychology: flexible thinking treasure
Mccall, chairman of the company Mccall was born in a Jewish family, the Second World War, he and his father were locked in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. In those days of complete darkness, his father said to him. Now our only wealth is wisdom, when others say one plus two equals three, you should think of more than three. The Nazis in Auschwitz killed hundreds of thousands of people, Mccall and his father had miraculously survived.
1946. They came to America, doing business in Houston. One day, the father asked Mccall, how much is the price of a pound of copper Mccall answer: 35 cents. The father said: “yes, the whole Texas is aware that the price of copper per pound of copper is 35 cents, but as my son, it should be said to be 3.5 u..
20 years later, his father died, Mccall ran the bronze shop alone. He did drums, the reeds on the Swiss watch, Olympic medals, he once put a pound of copper to sell to $3500 when he is chairman of McCall Corporation.
Good businessmen are not born to be smarter than others, but they know how to create more wealth.
But Liu Yi Liu Zi Food national chain of president. He was born in a difficult family, remote siblings, his fifth. At that time, his biggest wish is to be able to let go of the stomach to eat a good meal. Poor memory has been engraved in the hearts of his youth, a deep imprint, so far. In order to make a living, he had to tearful farewell to just a junior high school semester beautiful campus, with weak shoulders shouldered the burden of the family, he had to carry the bag, when the porters, river dig through the sand. As long as to be able to earn money, he is willing to be again painstakingly again voiced work sell strength. Later, he with ten years of savings ambitious contracted a hotel, ready to go a lot. Due to poor management, coupled with no characteristics of the dishes, the first month he will lose ten thousand yuan. See their hard-earned money down the drain. He heartache! In his difficult, the dilemma, a like leading cadres of the customer in during the meal of a word let him be suddenly enlightened. Urban and rural areas throughout the county butcher one day kill several hundred head of cattle, the cattle when the waste thrown away, is really too bad! Maybe the speaker unintentionally, but the listener interested. Liu Yike’s head was out of an idea, why don’t you get overlooked beef do article!
So he acquired a large number of beef, which was other hotel boss but it seems that it is absurd thing, beef can be has never been written on the menu! When he face all day long the hoof brood and cooking methods. You know, not a good deal with “beef. The. It has a very hard shell, and pungent and difficult to remove the fishy smell. To this end, he repeatedly repeated experiments, tasting, finally worked out a set of successful cooking beef process. Recently, one called “Maonan ginseng soil. The dishes on the customer’s table, and with its unique taste to win the customer’s recognition and favor. Soon, this dish is popular in the whole town, has become his signature dishes!
Later. He has developed dozens of different styles of beef dishes. The formation of a set of beef cuisine, has become a local food brand. He reached into purpose, created the miracle of wealth, in the past. Beef in the eyes of people just three or four cents a pound didn’t to bones, but now they can sell to 67 yuan even ten yuan a catty! Its value over 10 times or even several times. Now, he is a has a number of chain stores in the country. The annual profit of millions of yuan Food company, in the catering sector. He was hailed as. The man who developed the last piece of meat on the cow!
Can you make money, first of all to see your mind, if you are flexible, as long as you do, you can earn money. For business, flexible. Actually how to create more money in a way. A man who can work in a flexible, often can have a chance to succeed in a trade that is not profitable. We often say, the poor are changed, change the pass, for the rich, is the truth!

The mental patient: take it easy to become great

The mental patient: take it easy to become great
A cat just entered a room, a gust of wind blowing, the door is automatically closed, the cat was trapped in the house. At this time, complain or worm, of course, is futile. This time, the clever cat will always maintain a crouching posture, waiting for a gust of wind once again blowing open the door and jumped out. A businessman should be a cat waiting in the wings.
The development of business activities is often thwarted by many unfavorable factors, and may even lead to a total failure. It’s like a mountain climber is often blocked by an avalanche, a bad weather, an unpredictable storm. The gentleman is hidden in the body, bide one’s time. Therefore, people should learn to wait in patience in adversity. Critical time, must keep calm, don’t upset the hands and feet panic God, only do this in order to usher in a new vista, luck.
Chairman of the board of directors of the universal group, China Universal festival of the king Lu Guanqiu, as early as 1960s began his entrepreneurial journey. Lu Guanqiu’s home in remote rural areas, villagers grinding rice long long way to run. Very inconvenient. Lu Guanqiu and folks together 3000 yuan to buy a flour milling machine, a milling machine, from the office of the a dared to hang brand of rice processing plant.
As a s is to ban private business of, so Lu Guanqiu engaged in rice processing factory of news reached a higher level of leadership there, give him set a in. Be derelict in duty and run irrelevant business Do the underground black factory. Charges, and then immediately sent to seal. Factory was forced to shut down, the machine at the original price of 1/3 auction. As a result, Lu Guanqiu was in debt, only to sell the recently deceased grandfather three. Lu Guanqiu himself has not yet married will toss over our possessions, to dissipate one’s fortune point.
Lu Guanqiu was almost the merciless blow down, for a long time he could not eat, sleep well, keep close at home all day. Let him feel especially painful not only is the practice of entrepreneurship itself failed, but due to failure to bring the huge pressure, parents hard-earned money has flown out of the window, he became “spendthrift.
However, Lu Guanqiu not depressed, did not complain about fate, did not complain about life, alone but to swallow the bitterness of life, to provoke his fate burden courageously forward. Not long after, Lu Guanqiu, drilling the loopholes, shovels, sickles to buy, the bike did not repair place years, he received five partnership’s apprentice, hang a repair group of brigade agricultural brand, in Tong Tong town opened a blacksmith shop, spade for the nearby villagers, sickle, bicycle repair. The blacksmith has attracted many young men and women around, then, Lu Guanqiu’s group of agricultural machinery repair business is booming.
The history of the opportunity finally fell to Lu Guanqiu’s head. In 1969, Ning Wai commune leaders to find a Lu Guanqiu, he took his partner to take over Ning Wai commune farm machinery repair shop, the so-called farm machinery repair factory is actually a only 84 square meters of factory breaking out of the mess. Lu Guanqiu sold the all of his possessions and egg has prepared JinFang materials, even married even when others to send radio was sold. Put all the money is invested in the factory.
From the universal joint, Lu Guanqiu’s pioneering the road has been an important turning point, the universal joint is the automobile drive shaft and the drive shaft between the connector. Owing to the rotation of the rotating angle of an arbitrary name. Although the universal joint production came out, but in 1979 when Lu Guanqiu has just come out of the product to find a market, but encountered great difficulties.
Lu Guanqiu rented two cars, full of universal joint to participate in the Jiaonan Shandong national auto parts orders, thirty thousand merchants, street fairs, there is no place for Lu Guanqiu. Three days later, Lu Guanqiu find out the various manufacturers price, resolutely put forward high price decisions, market suddenly changed, Lu Guanqiu standing in the front of the market.
Lu Guanqiu seems to be a night of fame, but how many people know that he has experienced so many difficulties?
“The king of formosa. Wang Yongqing once said. Endure bad people, is the final winner. During the recession, business owners should be in a calm, calm thinking to deal with the road and possible changes. Don’t get disheartened in trouble, give up the fight. At this time need Jingxiaxinlai, waiting for the further development of the situation and change, maintaining the status quo. Form, with static braking and not a negative waiting type of business strategy, but in order to better grasp the business initiative.
Have a boss to undergo a rigorous investigation and careful consideration, finally choose the cotton processing this investment project, smug to begin construction. All the work are planned progress very smoothly, but the door until the late, but met with home textile industry on the nano structure adjusted and cotton market temporarily weakening. The entrepreneur so as to hold a be confound at, time bomb, was eager to get rid of. Who knows when they have just been to the project after the transfer price. Dramatic scene appeared with the country to the young textile industry structure adjustment pace towards deeper, cotton textile market has a strong rebound, took over the project of the project investors quickly will be completed, so make a big profit. The boss lost him not by yourself, not to find a way out in the difficulties of courage.
And for the fast changing market, business must maintain a good attitude, calm analysis of changes in long-term, or for the time being, is policy, or the market can only lead to the panic of decision-making mistakes, making mistakes and will inevitably lead to investment failure. The operator in the decision to start a project, it should be a variety of market and policy changes to make a forecast, and targeted strain. Waiting is a kind of life philosophy, but also a kind of life art. When you encounter difficulties, dangerous, to be good at waiting, waiting for the firm’s faith. And actively enrich themselves, improve themselves.
Far East Group founder Xu Youxu said. No sunset enterprises, only the sun products. In business circles generally suffered a severe downturn, the operator should really to wait for attitudes and methods to face?? only with foresight and pre prepared for enterprises to survive. During the downturn at the beginning, the investment funds should withdraw as soon as possible on the sidelines, waiting for the bottom of the present, in order to avoid reducing the funding; however, they should not neglect the approach to pick up cheap goods time, because the economic downturn in the keep in cash, will have greater bargaining space. In addition, operators should gradually improve the production equipment, so that the time when the economy can grasp the opportunity.
Some people in the business difficulties, will be depressed, once appear low lake, if only in a short period of time appear to be much less stem vigor and enthusiasm, the bin is not difficult to make a comeback, the worst is to produce things extremely tired. General people will try every means to try to from the doldrums struggled out of, the result is often wasted effort, but become very hot pan on the ants, pain in the neck. Some people on the beat a retreat Jinpen wash one’s hands of the matter. Therefore, a person in business to take a good consideration and preparation, once determined to go forward with a spirit of courage to move forward in the end.

Reflect on the psychological: understand the setbacks in self reflection

Reflect on the psychological: understand the setbacks in self reflection
The failure of business is largely due to the weakness of its own, because the weakness of human nature is the most easy to get lost.
A person’s way of doing things is a cable, if not change, in imperceptible in longstanding affects our mental, exposed our nature, our success around. The lack of self reflection, it is the most significant feature of the ignorant if they fail to recognize their mistakes, fundamentally. A mistake too many people, only in the failure of the road to go farther.
September 3, 1992, the establishment of the first anniversary of the establishment of the first anniversary of the establishment of the day, Feng Lun, the day was established as a “Wantong reflection day”. According to Feng Lun, said: “until now, a year to the company’s anniversary, we have to review their own.”
Introspection is actually a learning ability. Since the venture is a process of continuous exploration, business operators will inevitably make mistakes in the process. Introspection is the premise of understanding errors and correcting errors. For business operators, the process of reflection is the process of learning. There is no self reflection ability, with no self reflection of the spirit, the decision of the operator can not recognize their own mistakes, can correct mistakes, whether to continue to learn new things.
Experienced change radically the famous entrepreneur Shi Yuzhu is a good reflection of the people. Shi Yuzhu said in an interview: “as an entrepreneur, the most important is to reflect on their own.”
In 1992, a well-known media in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other ten cities of a million young people carried out a survey, three of which are written in the most admired youth. The results of the survey is the first name, Bill Gate, second, Shi Yuzhu. It can be imagined, when Shi Yuzhu’s popularity is high. Is the scholar and in 1991 founded the giant group, two years after the assets of the company more than 100 million yuan is such a high-tech enterprises to 1996 but the boom bust, 1997, giant group already exists in name only, Shi Yuzhu in failure comes to an end. The reason for the failure of Shi Yuzhu has long been known, no more talk. Here I would like to say is that Shi Yuzhu courage to face failure, do not have. “”. A few years ago, the giant group after the failure of Shi Yuzhu summed up the reasons for failure, and pointed out that the giant four mistakes. , first, too greedy, crazy pursuit of rapid development, contrary to the rules of business. Second, the front is too long, too, to pursue a diversified business, and overestimate the strength and endurance of the giants. Third, the enterprise’s business decision-making system and the actual situation of the enterprise. Fourth, ignore the importance of enterprise innovation.
Shi Yuzhu today salted fish is due to the “reflection” of the psychological ‘, be good at summing up the lessons from the failure of the spirit. As everyone knows, arrogant, complacent do businessman will fail. Because they can not accept the lessons of failure, will lead to the next commit the same mistake. However, many merchants are not, ‘the results will pay a greater price.
In fact, a lot of people in the business community have achieved considerable success, not all have a high qualification, they can be successful, outstanding, because they are very good at learning, and the courage to self reflection.
Enterprise business in the face of setbacks, the encounter is often a low ebb, at this time, the spirit of self reflection and self reflection can be a good way to help you overcome the difficulties. The ancients said, self-examine my body. Of business, the problem is not one day three provinces my body, four provinces my body, but should constantly reflect on their own, only in this way, time to stay awake.
Lewis Walker, President of the United States before the financial adviser to the former president of a reporter’s interview with reporters asked. In the end what factors make people can not succeed?. Walker answer. Vague target..
There is a saying in the West. It is not important where you are now, it’s important to see what direction you move in. “If you don’t know your ship to which port, then, for you, there is no so-called wind is not the wind. Business is like sailing, no goal can only swim in the sea mile run around, where travel by a hit yu. If luck is very fine hit an iceberg reef do? So, if you want to succeed in business, you have to target and the target should specific and clear, and the more specific the more clear as possible.
As the business people, only to continue to learn, constantly reflect, to be enlightened. Get rid of ignorance, in order to establish their own goals, to find in the market competition in the right position, grasp the appropriate time, to remain invincible. If a business person loses the ability to reflect, he can not see the problem, but also can not help themselves. A business often only efforts to continuously change and perfect self, will be everlasting!

Decision Psychology: when the hand on hand

Decision Psychology: when the hand on hand
Intense competition in the market, opportunities fleeting, so business must be decisive, once you have the basic information of the decision, decision immediately after the accurate judgment, shall not hesitate.
The general manager of a company, desires expansion. In a few years of your sales work in person, not only to eat a rebate, but also to arrange for the son to go to work, at the expense of several hundred thousand dollars, generous and generous. In the enterprise, to suppress the reuse of cronies, be a law onto oneself, different views, have the ability of cadres excluded level. Enterprise production out of control, the product sells do not go out backlog in the warehouse, the general manager of whitewash, on that boast, flattery and shirking the responsibility to jiahuoyuren, a very bad influence among the masses. Within a few years, the loss of tens of millions of dollars.
After the company personnel adjustment, the new for a chairman. The chairman of the university graduate, caring people, have enough ability and level. As in the company, the general manager of the company for many years of production technology, and others are not as good as his qualifications, so the board is still decided to hire him as general manager of the company.
At the beginning, the general manager of the enthusiasm of the positive, the work also really caught a few, but also very pleasing to the chairman of the board. However, due to the change of the company’s operating condition, it is bound to involve the legacy of the past. Therefore, we can infer, management is difficult to rationalize. And the general manager of nature is hard to change, old ideology and work style quickly in business management activities reflected.
The chairman and the affairs of the company, of course, soon to be aware of. But he just took a private exchange of views, with the general manager to discuss the analysis alone. As a result of this help, he always felt that the general manager of the practice is understandable, while others are very dissatisfied with the general manager of the performance. So, to start a few months of the meeting and will be under coordination. However, the company’s business has not seen improvement. Tens of millions of dollars of money into the fast light, production and market situation has not been substantial improvement.
Before taking office, the chairman, he had a consultant. According to the consultant’s plan first set up the company’s new development strategy; followed by training management class, unified thinking, improve morale, boost the spirit of the adjustment mechanism, improve the operating mechanism, improve the rules and regulations in the final, that is, the board of directors for about six months, the real adjustment of personnel and the Ministry, is mainly in the upper management cadres. The plan is based on the history and current situation of the enterprise.
Because of the general manager’s actions. To the chairman of the board for three and a half months, although the company is engaged in straightening out mechanisms and improve the rules and regulations, can not be the consultant Shen Qi, after in-depth investigation and research, clearly to the chairman of the board – for general manager.
As a business consultant, to make such a proposal, can see the seriousness of the matter.
The chairman agreed with the consultant to all the questions and all the analysis, but he was in the “for the general manager. The decision problem can not be determined.
The chairman of the board of directors said such a feeling of affection. You see the general manager for a lifetime, not easy to get to this position. If you get rid of him, he will waste all the previous efforts. This is a big blow to him, I really don’t want to do that. You see he is 58 years old, and two years to retire, or wait for two years, but also let him draw a successful conclusion..
The president’s remarks, how moving. His heart is really too merciful! However, due to the business rapid landslide and does not see improvement, chairman of the board of directors is the parent company skim off the, for which he has lost status in the eyes of the top leadership of the parent company.
Unexpected is, to the criticism of the upper layer of the parent company chairman has been, jumping up and down, general manager of the who, said the chairman of ill, brilliant all the responsibility all pushed to the hapless chairman.
Of course, the general manager can’t harbor evil intentions, escape the fate of failure. Before he retired a year and a half, also would be replaced.
This case shows that, although the judgment is decisive starting point, but the correct judgment will not replace the wise decision. Here is a very important issue is the psychological state of business and ideas. Who is the chairman of the board of directors of the judgment, but due to the heart of forgiveness is in do mischief, the take action but hesitant, that condoning, condoning. In this regard, business managers must take warning, the decision must be decisive, not hesitate! Decision making is the ability of every business operator to have!