Contented state of mind: business person must know content

Contented state of mind: business person must know content
Own contentment contentment happy, do not control how others view 7 but life many people just always with others than to, the results of the ratio is livid, intolerable annoyance, happy early cast to the winds. Investigate its reason, is not satisfied.
Yin Long has been in a bad mood, to the people and things are full of resentment. He has no work to follow the prescribed order. Always did not comment on the title indignant, for leaders do not attach importance to his work livid, bad for the floors of living and chagrin, for ability is inferior to his colleagues and winning angry, bonus at the end of the fast hand, the unit decided to grumble. He always felt that what he needed to live without him, and that people were alienated from him, as if he were a “”.
A good friend is not the same dish. Yin Long Lee live. One day at Li Tong’s house, he taught Yin Long said: “I know you don’t appreciate a Q, one life will be strong. But you know not to know, our boss, when he is an ordinary worker, every day after work to everyone’s bicycle polished: housing for several times, he good floor to the others. It is now when CEOs, the annual salary of 50 million yuan, he did not sit back and relax, sleep only four hours, pay close attention to spare time reading. Improve oneself. Can you do that? Can’t do. You have almost the life, contentment.”
Li Tong Yin Long’s words to the aftertaste for several days, finally realized that contentment is a kind of happiness, from now on, he adjusted the mentality, began to re treat life.
What kind of person you are, what kind of day, happy, happy. The reason for the strong is the strong, precisely because they can do things in the process of hard. If you don’t have an important process, you don’t have to dream about it all day. Don’t complain each, let trouble like germs, forever with you,
Every person in the real life wants to live happily, however, if there is too much desire in the course of life, and the fact that we can’t recognize the desire and the view is always high. Not overdo sth. is a kind of intellectual: or they have to, not to cherish, so people will not be happy youth. There is no end in the interests of town before. A personal desire to ally with disease, the reason is because the tragic consequences, the objective aspect of the impassable desert. I have to go to the drill, the result can be imagined. This kind of irrational. A happy life is from one of the main reasons the Zhao Laiyue far or even disappearance.
So contentment is not only the source of happiness, contentment and happiness is a realm of life. The son of Liang Congcheng, a famous architect in our country, is the one who is “not tired,” Liang Sicheng.
Mr. Liang Congcheng, who was a department of history of Tsinghua University in 1949, was transferred to the History Department of Peking University in 1952. 1958 graduate assigned to teach in the History Department of Yunnan University china. Later, he served as editor of the Encyclopedia of China, (intellectual) magazine editor in chief, (NATURAL friends) association. Members of the CPPCC National committee. His economic conditions good base, lucrative, but he did not pursue the matter, don’t hope lile, not been a luxury life, and advocating traditional virtues of thrift Pu Jing, that it is the set of all good dance, is the center of all happiness. It makes people access, calm, contentment, no tired, happy.
Mr. Liang Congcheng recalled his life in an infinite memory: a time when he was in the middle of life. “Time. My father and mother’s spiritual life is a Xing Xing, good in accordance with the wine filled with wine. In my memory, the Xing life is very good, my father and mother is very commendable attitude to life, is optimistic, open-minded, followed by abstinent contentment, never go beyond the pursuit of material interests of the basic needs of life, ‘so the heart is always calm as water. These noble qualities, the cultivation of my later on life.”
Up to now Mr. Liang Congcheng parents Shifang generation of Chinese traditional intellectuals “a piece of bread and a tassel drink, in the alley, who bear the its advantages, to eat” realm, still harbor respect and yearn for it. Therefore, he and his wife are still living in the old house in the 50’s.. Sometimes the children back to the meter, a meal package dumplings, eat 7 Zhajiang Mian dam. It also means back foot, heart happy.
In the Liang Congcheng, when inner calm, peace, nature also forget the what is outside, what is outside the. As he has said: “happiness is not happiness; happiness is not happy, is not how much the money interests, possession, but in the subjective attitude towards life. If a person’s inner world is very rich, it will become a problem of material Xing secondary to the root.” This is a realm of abstinent contentment and a lifelong, lasting pleasure.
Only get rid of greed and greed, will live calm. No interference, no trouble, no alien scourge; only “content” and the “people, to conduct long, and can be removed from the life of the many sad and North injury, than the happy mood always occupy space of their own thinking, so as life interest.