You have to “belittle” your courage

Napoleon said, do not want to be a general’s soldiers are not good soldiers. This sentence is many people Zimian to aim high. But the road leading to the spire of the ladder is too narrow and not in every aspiring people arrived smoothly. So, you have to learn how to timely bow, know in a timely manner to avoid, poised to take off, make oneself keep the best working state, exercise patience and wisdom to become the final winner.
Some people asked Socrates: “you are the world’s most knowledgeable people, then you say the height between the days and the earth?” Socrates not hesitate to say: “three feet!” the man disagree: “each of us five feet high, between heaven and earth only three feet, that is not cut broken sky?” Socrates said with a smile: “so, all the height of more than three feet of people, to stand between heaven and earth, we must understand the bow.”
To deny oneself is actually a kind of psychological recognition and confidence to oneself, but also a psychological process of continuous cognition. A man only has a correct understanding of himself, he knows he is a person, what can do, can not do, he can do his own master, independent to make judgments and engage in action: he can not be afraid of negative, criticism and blame, have their own internal standards: he can not get approval and lose self, he can not stay in the present sense of security, courage to pursue self realization.
This kind of self denial is not a fixed external form, but an inner quality. Only those who fear failure and denial, not their own life advantages, is the real inferiority, is a complete denial of their psychological ability. If you continue to improve their own fear of failure, not afraid of negative psychological ability to bear, gradually you will be truly confident.
To deny oneself is actually a kind of self psychological suggestion, three kinds of constantly telling oneself can do better psychological suggestion. This psychological suggestion from the perspective of psychology, that is, the individual through the continuous negation of the best way, the impact of their own psychological process. This self implied, often unconsciously, to their own will, the physiological state of the impact. For example, for the patient, positive self suggestion, will make people have confidence to overcome the disease, establish a good mood, so as to benefit the condition of the stability and the elimination of symptoms. And negative self suggestion, will destroy and interfere with normal mental and physiological state, so that the body of various organ dysfunction, disease resistance. Similarly, to constantly deny this positive psychological suggestion, will let individuals enhance their psychological ability, more courage and confidence to face greater challenges.
It is easy to be an anachronism psychology, this is a lack of confidence in the negative psychology. Because they are afraid that they can not make better achievements, it is not as good as the first to hold the results. “A visionary business should understand, today a Russian is tomorrow’s Bu block Observatory, and commitment to make ten dollars, it is possible to get a hundred dollars, and a thousand dollars. On the contrary, if you are afraid to put ten dollars into the money, no confidence to return more money, then he can only keep their own ten dollars, while the envy of others earned one hundred, one thousand dollars. Only by constantly denying yourself, can you motivate yourself to go to higher goals.
Continue to deny their own past is to look down. To win the more satisfaction of another. Older people always forget to give the young people advice: “in the way of life, to make yourself more.” Belittle yourself is a kind of wisdom, it is not inferior, not timid, it is a kind of self management of Qing yuan. The poet Lu Li said: “still in front of their soil, always put yourself as pearls, will be buried in pain.”
Former president of the United States, Franklin, a young man visited a senior. He is young, chest rise strides, the door hit the door. Meet his senior see this scene, say with smile: “very painful, but, this will be the biggest gain that you visit today. A person wants to All is well. live in the world, we must always remember that bow.” Remember bow, is to remember that regardless of your qualifications, competence, to society, you are undoubtedly small to keep a low profile in the life, will have to belittle yourself, the struggle on the standard value some. Franklin understood the profound truth, and put it into the life of the standard of life, the final completion of a great cause.

How wide the heart is, how wide the road is

Tolerance is a good psychological quality, with the quality of the business can often take the overall situation as the most important, to the personal loss is not care. This is the most difficult, the most valuable quality of modern shopping malls.
A psychologist once said: “to develop human health is smooth, must first learn tolerance.” People living in the world, no matter how rich, no matter how big the business, there will always be a thing not satisfactory. When the inner conflict or emotional crisis is difficult to remove, endocrine function of the body easily disorder, resulting in elevated blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, digestive juice is secreted decrease, is often accompanied by dizziness, insomnia, insomnia, and tiredness and weakness, emotionally upset and other symptoms. These psychological and physiological abnormalities affect each other, forming a vicious circle.
In the business field, it will inevitably conflict with people, the occurrence of disputes, this is a normal thing. But this seems to be a very normal thing, if not resolved, it may cause a lot of negative impact on the cause.
First of all, you should relax your mind, the balance of their own psychology. You should not hear the opposition from the psychological conflict, on the contrary, it should be calm down to listen to the other side of the opinion, I believe you will help.
Therefore, as a business or manager, not only to listen to the views, but also know how to treat the people who oppose the idea of good and use.
In 1968, the United States of America, Kissinger was the opponent’s think tank as a Nixon. Kissinger in his “boss” in the same time, he can not avoid wantonly attack opponents Nixon, he called on the radio: “in all the candidates, Nixon, President of the most dangerous.” He also dug with Nixon said: “Nixon suggested to do vice presidential candidate, because he is very rich when the vice president’s experience.” In short, Nixon Kissinger is the home of the. However, just Nixon won the election victory, elected the thirty-seventh president of the United states.
Even though Kissinger ball hit Nixon. But Nixon forgives, invited Kissinger to join his staff team. After he took office, had two meetings with Kissinger, even forgot to eat lunch. Through conversation, Kissinger changed the view of Nixon, more important is to be entrusted with the task. Kissinger later recalled: “in foreign policy, Nixon Be since 1956 all presidential candidates are good.” . Manmohan Singh was Nixon’s generous and generous selfless deeply moved, at the same time that Nixon know people’s eyesight really Gaorenyichou.
This news spread, all walks of life have appreciated Nixon’s generosity and gas. His move. Also makes the new government a start to win the applause, a good way to improve the reputation of the white house. Nixon to appoint Kissinger, is to take a fancy to Kissinger’s talents, and the role of the media, changing people’s psychological bias to the government, to win a good start for the new government.
So, as managers and traders should continue to strengthen self-cultivation and make yourself amiable, broad-minded, generous, open-minded, and man-made good ethical. So that you can not only have a good psychological impact on others to help enterprises to form a strong cohesive force, so that people feel warm, so that the mood is happy to cooperate with you.
Make good use of these with own disagree even heart against themselves. In the romance of the Three Kingdoms have many such knowledge makes full use of surprising examples. Such as Kong Mingzhi, Wei Yan, Sima Yi, Cao Cao with, so the only thought to be the pink of perfection.
Gas is also a force. The air volume is the inner strength of a man’s success. Have air volume can become big, difficult to do at all times and in all countries, extreme pettiness of character, admit of no exception whatsoever. Liu Bang to make good use of men, just make your own won the world; Xiang Yu although versed in Kung Fu, but because of the “Zijin power cutting Fen the private intelligence”, imperious and despotic, the wrists Wujiang. Therefore, as managers and traders, you need to have broad mind, gas, magnanimous, capacity and can tolerate, can accommodate words, regardless of their own to others well, excluding others of their resentment.
You must not only be good at uniting like-minded people, but also to good unity disagree with him, especially against their own people. You have to stand up to injustice, the run up misunderstanding, interaction of disputes and conflicts should be good at dilution, good at forgotten, must not be a tooth for a tooth, requite like for like should always to the cause, the overall situation, “degree make robbing brothers in, Pang smile enqiu vanished” magnanimity. You to Murphy tolerate magnanimous, dare to by Xing some stronger than they can tolerate long, tolerate work, but also to good short of the magnanimous, tolerant of. Is like Liu said: “on the logistics curtain of light, I am not as good as Zhang; of troops in war, I not as good as Han; forage reduced planning, I rather Xiao. But Zhang Liang, Han Xin, Xiao can use.” , this is a description of the people are not perfect, Jinyuan zuchi, only bound cheerful mind wide R: to produce great charisma and cohesion, unity and the talent Michiko event into a big industry, others will for you more chin cyanide respect.
As a shopping centre, you have to maintain a healthy state of mind, in order to be more rational and long-term view of the cause and life, but also to create greater achievements.

Be a yes-man customer

No matter what you say, customers are nodding, even if they are suspicious of a commodity, the customer will still nod and agree.
No matter what you say, this kind of customer heart has decided not to buy, he just in order to advance to the end of the product description and continue to agree, he thinks just nod, echo, you will be unwilling to give up and stopped selling.
If you want to make this kind of customer to tell the truth, you should simply ask: “why don’t buy some today, using the single straight asked the customer feel amazed. At this time most customers will be able to speak the truth, so you can continue to local conditions to customers.
Hard loaded expert customer
Such customers believe that he is more proficient in goods than the clerk. He would say, “I am very aware of this kind of product”, so as to deliberately manipulate the introduction of goods, or some of the words that make you panic.
Such customers do not want you to take advantage or force him to buy, to establish “I know” the defense works to protect themselves. You should avoid being considered “almost without the person who has received the education of goods.””.
If a customer begins to show that he is not in the way, please let him play as he pleases, and you can pretend to be interested in learning from his words or nodding his head in agreement. Under normal circumstances, the customer will be very proud to continue to say, but sometimes because of the place where it is not known to be at a loss. At this point you should say “yes”. You have a very understanding of the advantages of the goods, which set it to buy?” The customer may be nervous about how to answer the question, and finally may begin to deny what he said. This is the time for you to start selling.
Timid customer
This type of customer is very nervous, afraid of the clerk, eyes not vacillate with you in the eye. In this type of customer heart that if you present will trap people were asked and must immediately answer the pain and fear. Knowing that the final decision will be convinced that they have to buy the goods, you will make them uncomfortable.
For such customers, you must be kind and sincere, cautious, and then carefully observe, praise his vision. It can be a little bit more about their work or life, make them feel relaxed, relieve their tension, and make them feel like you are a friend, and that’s a simple way to sell.
Thinking customer
The customer will usually sit in the chair thinking, not completely open, just kept gazing out the window without saying a word, hook. They will stare at the eyes of the suspect, and show an impatient look. Their silence will make you feel a little depressed.
This kind of customer is the person who is really thinking, they want to see if you are serious, and analyze, evaluate the market to sell. This type of customer to the majority of intellectuals, their cautious, steady action, a rational customer.
To treat this kind of customer, you can not neglect the effect, pay careful attention to the customer said each word is more important than everything. And should be more polite, honest, and how much should appear to be negative. In other words, you need to adopt a soft and conservative approach to marketing. In the face of such customers, you must not be inferior, since you have a thorough understanding of their products, should be full of confidence.
Cold type customer
Such customers do not buy their own to buy a so-called attitude, it seems totally not mind if the goods are excellent or not or whether they like it or not.
They didn’t like you put pressure or to sell their goods, like the actual survey. They are more willing to work with their own ideas. Although it seems like nothing, in fact, they are very concerned about the subtle information. They will collect all kinds of
Intelligence, calmly consider every detail.
For such customers, the introduction of the goods can not work, you must try to make them can not help but want to buy goods.
Modest customer
This kind of customer is not only a polite, for you not only have no prejudice, to also show respect. They often say the truth, will not be forced to sell you, they do not like special treatment. This kind of customer, you should take seriously, and then suggest that the charm of the product, very polite and they talk, language to a structured, should be careful attention, not excessive force or force each other.

Business to understand the point of consumer psychology

In order to have a foothold in the shopping mall, it is necessary to conduct a thorough study of consumers, especially the consumer psychology, which is the most basic practice of business.
Consumer purchasing motivation is the physiological, psychological and social needs of the people. But in fact, people in the physical, psychological and social needs are always intertwined, and they are closely linked, therefore, the consumer’s purchase motivation is often a combination of basic purchasing motivation, but in different periods, different conditions, some of the dominant, some of the motivation is in a secondary position, which makes the consumer purchase motivation has different psychological performance. For example, a consumer to see a beautiful dress, very like to take action, then the role of emotional motivation is greater than physical motivation, showing the beauty of the psychological. From the actual situation, the Chinese consumers in the purchase of goods, generally have the following several consumer psychology;
Realistic psychology
This is a kind of psychology that pays attention to the actual use value of commodity. With this kind of psychological needs of consumers, in the purchase of goods, more attention to the actual quality of goods or services. Emphasis on economic benefits, durable, easy to use, etc., and the shape, color, packaging, etc.. The reason may be that the realistic psychology may be due to the limited income. May also be the income is not low, but pay attention to traditional habits or thrifty etc.. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s income level, this kind of consumer psychology is changing.
Psychology of seeking
This is a kind of consumption psychology, which is mainly characterized by the pursuit of low price. With this psychological needs of consumers, particularly sensitive to commodity prices, and the practicality of the commodity, durability, etc.. Therefore, they are in the purchase of goods, the price of goods often repeated comparison, encountered a discount, the price of goods easy to stimulate the purchase behavior. Demand is not necessarily because of low income, and sometimes this type of consumer is to buy a cheaper commodity to meet, although this commodity is not necessarily applicable to it. Therefore, businessmen should pay attention to this kind of psychological needs, on the one hand to reduce product costs, on the other hand, can take effective price strategy.
The psychological.
This is a kind of psychology that takes the name of the brand or the high grade product as the main characteristic in the rush. This psychological causes are: one is the consumer brand trust and preference, the other is the consumer in order to show their status and purchasing power, and then win the respect or admiration of others.
With this mentality of consumers is often if the brand’s loyal buyers, but to establish a good impression in the consumer heart n is not easy, you need to do business in the quality of goods, performance, appearance, packaging, service, advertising and other aspects of the efforts to do a good job, nurturing brand-name products. Can also be appropriate to take a high price strategy, to show the good quality of the product, the style is elegant or distinctive.
In recent years, due to the improvement of living and cultural level, the change of the concept of life, people are more and more interested in the new products with new features and new style. Some of the new products even if the price is higher, practical value did not vary, but as long as pleasing to the eye, it will cause customers eager to buy. Thus, among consumers, new psychological requirements become more and more popular. Businessmen should conform to the trend of development, pay attention to the development of new products, to win, to attract more customers.
Psychology of seeking beauty
This is a particular concern for the appreciation of the value of goods or artistic value of the purchase psychology. When people’s basic life need to be more fully satisfied, people will not only consider the purchase of goods and durable. Also concerned about the role of commodity aesthetics. The general rule is that people’s material and cultural life level is higher, and the more powerful, especially in the young consumers, seeking beauty psychology more strongly.
Analyze the different psychological states of different consumers, according to different consumer types to take different services, so as to improve the business performance of the enterprise.

Take yourself as an empty cup

In psychology, there is a state of mind called “empty cup mentality”, in order to us? To understand this concept, might as well look at the following story:
In ancient times there was a Buddhist attainments deep person, I heard that there is a venerable old monk in a temple, he went to the visit the old Zen master. When the old master’s disciples received him, the attitude of the people to do slow. I thought: “Buddhist attainments deep, who are you?” Then the old monk received him very respectfully, and for his Lake tea. Then when pouring, when the cup is full, the old master kept down. He did not understand the same: “master, why the cup is full, but also to pour?” The master said: “yes, since it has been full, why water?” Jackson’s mean, since you have the very knowledge, why come to me for advice? This is the origin of the empty cup mentality. To say a little bit more image, the empty cup mentality is a humble attitude, if we want to learn more knowledge, to imagine themselves as an empty cup”. Instead of “filled with water”.
For a business person. Empty cup mentality is very important. If a business person has an empty cup mentality, it is possible to achieve extraordinary success. If you are a business manager, you need to have this mentality. You seem to know, although high, this does not mean that you are better than others at any Fang Li shao. As the saying goes: “everyone has his own advantages, Sometimes an inch may prove long.” No matter who, all have strengths and advantages worth learning and others in quzhou. Therefore, your modesty is your foothold in the shopping mall.
In this fierce competition, the establishment of enterprise represents a new milestone, is a starting point, the enterprise may have a short time in the professional technical advantages, but the business is not just rely on technology, but also must have a team of cooperation, to have a clear corporate vision, to have the management mechanism, more important is the leader to plan to study business and management. An enterprise is an achievement. Is also a starting point, the only way to maintain individual and team to learn together and progress together, can the enterprises evergreen forever competitiveness.
Known as the God of the business of Konosuke Matsushita, the “empty cup mentality” made a very good comments.
After the end of the second world war. Panasonic in the cause, life has encountered setbacks. The original motivation for him to reflect on their airplanes, boats that is for young people full of vigor and success in showing off the heart. Especially for the latter, Panasonic to oneself of deep reflection and criticism. He was thinking a problem much more wholesome, interpersonal humility. For example, when he was talking with others with modesty. Always blame themselves, and constantly find their own shortcomings.
Panasonic, re locate the own enterprise, he is no longer the yourself as an achievement of the entrepreneur, but as the industry of small rustic, nor the Panasonic as a “giant”, but rather as a fledgling new enterprise “of course ‘Panasonic did not despise myself and Matsushita Electric. But when I stand position in the business circles of the world review and assess themselves and their businesses. Thus He proposed the slogan of “re opening”, in fact, Panasonic has been 33 years of history.

This is what happened in January 1951, he said in a conversation in the new year’s business policy: “the our corporation was founded 33 years ago, this is the first phase. By 1951 second the opening date. When the company is established, the beginning of the business, everything should be modest attitude to learn from others. Now to rebuild our cause is equivalent to re opened, I sincerely look forward to the resumption of the shop when the enthusiasm and the attitude of the people and things.”
Modesty makes people progress, proud people behind. A person often has a humble attitude, to absorb new knowledge, will have a natural progress.
Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier group, said: “we stand for the product of zero inventory, also claims that the success of zero inventory. Only to be a zero inventory, to face new challenges.” Haier annual sales of hundreds of billions of dollars. Zhang Ruimin has never had a feeling that never claim credit for oneself and become arrogant, the enterprise has been successful. On the contrary, he always in the sense of crisis, to the staff, to keep a “zero inventory” mentality.
The success of a business or a manager who has great ambitions will always be there.
Brazilian legend Yueli said: “when people ask me what a goal is the best, the most beautiful, my answer is always’ next ‘!” to forget the past success, in order to usher in the new success.
A dozen novels, in the world of Chinese readers have a high profile in the world, Jin Yong, was asked whether he wanted to take the Nobel prize for literature, he is very wise to say: before writing novels, newspapers, feel that their knowledge is also to cope with, but now when a professor, compared with other professors, they feel that their knowledge is not enough. I am studying the Five Dynasties history now, I hope you can write some good history book.”
Empty cup mentality and the success of zero inventory mentality is the same reason. Everybody has certain knowledge, there have been some successful experiences, like the cup has a lot of water storage. And when you take on a new job and challenge, you can succeed. It depends on whether you can pour the water in your cup.
Now many companies have the empty cup mentality as the motto of enterprise development. Lenovo Group in the recruitment of new staff, always of Xing some have undergraduate or higher degree of the new said, you probably have better background, but came in to the company to put yourself in the glass of water drained, with the purpose to absorb the attitude to learn, to do things. In order to truly progress.
Maybe your business is in front of the world powers in front of the cheetah. Antelope only through their own hard running, it is possible to escape the cheetah capture. Also, you have to with numerous competitors, are not they eat, only non-stop running, continue to develop, enhance their core competitiveness and brand competitiveness. Only that, have no choice!
The empty cup mentality can make the business or managers always put themselves in the position of learning, and help to find the advantages and strengths of others. However, this kind of mentality is not is usually meaning of courtesy and hypocrisy, not encountered in the back and push the property, more than the so-called bide, hidden. If the business you need to play their own ability, and you also have the ability to do this, you must overcome difficulties, make no apology, and resolutely not the modesty as cowardly reason.